In Conversation With Arpita Mehta About Her New Bridal Line And More


Arpita Mehta unveiled her bridal line at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2021 through a stunning dream-like virtual show. Staying true to her signature style of blending tradition with modern sensibilities, Mehta’s collection is an artistic take on reimagined weddings. From ethereal soft printed lehengas in organza to glamourous hand-embellished and embroidered creations, the ensembles showcase the bridal mood journeying through every stage of the ceremony. Dipped in exquisite hues of dust pink, mint, fuchsia and scarlet – the silhouettes are elegant and uncluttered- instilling a sense of playful feminity. We find out more about the collection through a quick tête-à-tête with the designer:

ELLE: What inspired your bridal collection?
Arpita Mehta (AM): The current wedding scene has inspired me the most. How the celebrations have become more intimate, meaningful but yet luxurious has inspired me to create this bridal line.

ELLE: You’re known for your trademark fusion silhouettes, can we expect more design variations from your current collection?
AM: As a brand, we have always catered to brides for lehengas or fusion ensembles – however, this time we wanted to showcase a line of lehengas only, which is centric towards brides. We’ve experimented with new fabrics and styling elements for this collection. We’ve created chainmail blouses for the very first time as well as hand-embroidered gloves which serve as a glam replacement for applying Mehendi and as always, there will be an extension of this collection in the next two months where one can expect dressier fusion ensembles.

ELLE: With life returning to normalcy, what bridal trends according to you will return?
AM: I personally feel all the bridal trends have been the same, just the setting of the weddings has changed.

ELLE: Who is the ideal Arpita Mehta woman?
AM: I’d say me, haha! But I love dressing up, which is why I always try to imagine myself in my collections while creating them.

ELLE: How do you think bridal wear has evolved over the years?
AM: Bridalwear has become much more versatile than before. From the colour palette to the multiple kinds of embroideries – the detailing in all these elements has evolved. The general aesthetic in bridal wear has changed over the past few years and multi-functionality and reusability have become a very important part of this change.

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