In Conversation With Irish Singer Ronan Keating Ahead Of His Upcoming Tour In India

Ronan Keating

Nostalgia seems to be the biggest theme of the year with everyone digging up stuff from the archives. Whether it is the Y2K low-waist jeans, slick back hair, or the scrapbook culture seeing a resurgence, everyone seems to be going back to old-school trends. We’re seeing this in the music scene as well, from OG tracks getting a remix to people listening to the classics. So it’s no surprise to see so many of the iconic artists choosing to extend their tours to India and perform live in the country. Backstreet Boys performed in India earlier this year; Westlife is set to perform end of this month, and now, fans will get to watch Ronan Keating sing live in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Shillong this month.


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Irish artist Ronan Keating debuted in 1993 alongside Keith Duffy, Michael Graham, Shane Lynch, and Stephen Gately, as the co-lead singer (with Gately) of the Irish pop group Boyzone. His solo career started in 1999 and he has recorded eleven albums. As someone who’s grown up listening to Boyzone and Keating, watching him live will be yet another treat as it brings back so many memorable moments. Words has been a track I’ve jammed to with friends in school, When You Say Nothing At All which featured on Notting Hill makes me want to revisit the joy of watching the romantic film again, and If Tomorrow Never Comes is a song I’ve enjoyed singing with my family on multiple occasions. Safe to say that his concert is going to be an emotional rollercoaster.

Ahead of his show in Dublin Square: Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai on November 17, I caught up with the artist on a quick Zoom call to discuss his return to India after more than a decade, his career highlights, how he feels about performing to a crowd that has grown up listening to him, and more.

Ronan Keating

ELLE: You’re coming back to India after your visit in 2005. How does it feel?

Ronan Keating (RK): It’s very exciting. My wife and I are travelling together. The kids are going to stay back here because they have school. But my wife hasn’t seen India. So I’m very excited for her to visit the country. We’re also taking a little break in between shows. So we’re taking a trip to Jaipur, which we’re looking forward to.

ELLE: So many of us have grown up listening to you. Having you here and performing live is going to be such a nostalgic moment. How do you feel about performing for a crowd that brings that nostalgia with them? 

RK: I love it. To have an energy like that in the room is magical. It’s so special and it’s hard to explain that feeling when you walk on stage and the crowd cheers your name, I still don’t understand it after 30 years. It’s amazing. 

Ronan Keating

ELLE: From all your songs, which one do you connect with the most and why? 

RK: Right now, I think Life Is A Rollercoaster sits very normal with me. My life is up and down, it’s been a tough year and that song connects mostly. 

ELLE: What would you say is the difference between going on tour as a band vs going on tour solo? 

RK: When I was in Boyzone, it was a big juggernaut. There were lots of people, and it was busy and crazy. But when I’m on my own, it’s much more relaxed. I take it easy always. I try to spend time whether I go play golf or see the site, it’s a lot more relaxed when I’m on my own. 

Ronan Keating

ELLE: What would you define as the highlight of your career?

RK: Longevity. To still be here 30 years later is the greatest achievement in my career. To still be here and have the opportunity to come back to India and sing the Boyzone songs as well as solo songs is quite remarkable. 

ELLE: What keeps you going on stage even after 30 years?

RK: I love it. I don’t take it for granted whatsoever. Every single performance is a privilege and I love what I do. I hope people feel that energy when I come to perform in India. 

ELLE: What is something that you like to do when you’re not singing or touring?   

RK: Be at home with my family. I love to cook, drink red wine, and chill out with my family. That’s my favourite thing. 

ELLE: What is one message you’d like to give your kids when they grow up?

RK: Hard work is very important. But most importantly in this world, be kind. For them to be kind is what I ask for. 


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ELLE: An artist you haven’t collaborated with yet but would love to?

RK: Frank Sinatra. Elvis Prestley. The greats. That’s not going to happen now but with AI maybe it will.

ELLE: How do you unwind after a show? 

RK: I go for dinner with the band. But I try not to talk too much after shows ‘cause that’s when you can lose your voice. 

ELLE: An artist you’re listening to at the moment? 

RK: I like the new Ed Sheeran album Autumn Variations. It’s mellow and perfect for the weather which is dreadful at the moment. 

ELLE: What are you working on next?

RK: I started writing a new album and that will be out next year. I’m also on The Voice of Germany but for now, I can’t wait to come to India and perform for you guys.  

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