In Conversation With Shrima Rai: Journey, Fashion and Social Media

Digital creator Shrima Rai reveals how she embarked upon her journey as a content creator. Starting as a banker, she always aimed at breaking moulds through her creativity. She manifested her creativity through modelling and writing. After bagging the title of ‘Mrs. India Globe 2009,’ Rai embarked upon her journey as a content creator to keep herself productive. Shrima shares that it has been a long journey of self-discovery and finding a community on social media. Get to know more about Shrima Rai and her journey in her conversation with ELLE.

ELLE: Tell us about some challenges you face as a content creator.

Shrima Rai: I think managing to keep up with the algorithm can be tricky at times, as well as keeping up with the pace of social media work while finding a balance offline. Being a social media creator is an extremely demanding job, as one needs to constantly create content on various platforms (Instagram and YouTube). It’s even more challenging if you love aesthetics, work on brand deadlines, and create relatable content too. All these things require constant time and effort.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you take microtrends in beauty and fashion seriously or love to stick to the classics?

Shrima Rai: I think microtrends keep the pace of fashion fun, as they give a sense of constant reinvention. I believe one always has classics to fall back on, but having fun with microtrends can be refreshing too. I love to watch trends and integrate them with classics.

ELLE: Walk us through your wardrobe and tell us about your favourite fashion piece.

Shrima Rai: My wardrobe has a lot of interesting homegrown labels and I love supporting them. I pride myself on introducing my audience to the wonderful talent we have in the country. I am also proud to have walked the ramp recently at London Fashion Week for a debutant designer, Mouktika under the Medusa Show. As a mother of two, content creator and a woman, I take pride in representing inclusivity in fashion abroad. When asked about my favourite pieces, I own a classic luxury bag and a shoe collection that are special to me because I treat myself after working hard every few months.

ELLE: Being a content creator, do you feel the need to woo GenZ’s audience, as they are the most active ones on social media?

Shrima Rai: Yes, of course. You can’t ignore the GenZ audience out there and have to stay relevant.

ELLE: Social media is blamed for incepting insecurities in women; being a creator do you think social media is misleading in some ways?

Shrima Rai: Yes, I think people can be misleading so it’s important to follow the right pages and people. Either you feel motivated by a page or insecure on social media, so you have to choose wisely.

- Digital Intern


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