In Conversation With Tiger Marrón, The Brand Manufacturing Luxurious Equestrian Accessories And More

Tiger Marrón

The pioneer behind Tiger Marrón tells us about the journey of this highly successful brand. Along with the bond he has with his stallion, the owner has also formed a bond with leather-ware. This brand highly values individuality. No matter the item or design preference, they do not forget to add a personal touch and bring life to the product. Even though the collection started selling in 2018, the brand’s inception dates back just three decades. We are sure, just like us, you also have many unanswered questions. So sit back and watch the secrets of Tiger Marrón’s success unfold.

ELLE: Tell us about Tiger Marrón’s journey as a brand.

TM: Tiger Marrón is a luxury fashion house specialising in leather fashion accessories and home accessories. Historically, its parent company started as a manufacturing partner for leading global brands for over three decades. The skills we refined through the years contributed to our strength as a retail brand, creating our own accessories and home furnishings. After successfully carving a niche for ourselves in the leather industry, we began offering various leather accessories, including functional laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases, travel bags, keychains, and passport holders, to name a few. Each purchase is accompanied by the option to customise and utilise the brand’s bespoke services.

An avid horseback rider throughout his life, the founder has a special interest in saddles and other tack essentials, and hence our love for leather was born. Now we are one of the very few manufacturers of equestrian accessories in the Indian Subcontinent. Being an inclusive brand, we have also launched a vegan leather category to cater to our customers’ different preferences. Tiger Marrón imbibes sustainability to its core; the leathers used are 100% biodegradable, and owing to our foolproof production processes, our brand has been awarded the title of being a globally compliant and transparent company.

Since its inception in 2017, Tiger Marrón has been at the pinnacle of success and has paved the way for ethical luxury products at competitive rates. With a vision to build a global brand that becomes synonymous with luxury goods, Tiger Marrón is ready to roar on.


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ELLE: What makes Tiger Marrón stand out from other leather bag brands?

TM: We stand out based on our deep understanding of the industry, our variety of designs and materials, and the experience and finesse we’ve put into engineering an assortment of dynamic designs. Before being a brand, we were the manufacturers for global brands, and we’ve seen the success of those brands that we have been the backbone of. Therefore, we strongly believe this demonstrates we know what we are doing. In addition to that, when we say we are sustainable, we truly imbibe it. We manage our inventory and production in a manner that ensures minimal wastage, and we don’t burn excess unsold inventory. Our ecosystem is economical and environmentally oriented. We foresee what a consumer wants. Lastly, we believe we have heritage in our bloodline; we are not trying to create a story for the marketing world; we are the story.

ELLE: Share some light on your sourcing and manufacturing processes.

TM: We follow lean manufacturing in a decluttered manner, where efficiency continues to be the priority. We focus on ease of functioning and always endeavour to ensure a clean and nice work environment for our artisans. Additionally, our supply chain is vertically integrated, wherein many things are produced in-house (for example, printing and fabric dyeing are done in-house). We have long-lasting relationships with various suppliers for trims such as reinforcement and hardware. And additionally, we eradicate middle agents and work directly with the source of our materials to ensure quality and give our clients a better price.


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ELLE: 5 bag trends that you feel will dominate the high street area.

TM: We believe the following 5 bag trends will dominate:
1. Totes
2. Slings
3. Mini and Micros
4. Oversized Bags
5. Cotton Batted Bags 

ELLE: How would you describe your ideal shopper and the targeted age group or audience you keep in mind while designing?

TM: Our consumer is what we call a “conscious connoisseur”. A person who takes the time to delve into the brand and see what the brand offers the customer as a whole, not just the respective product the consumer is buying. As for the age bracket in our audience, we do believe that while our tonality might be for Gen Z and millennials, our functionality is appreciated across all age demographics.


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ELLE:  Apart from bags what more should we expect from the brand in coming years?

TM: We are excited to grow our home furnishing accessories, be they soft or hard furnishings, explore more metals, and even have exciting prospects for jackets and equestrian accessories. Ultimately, Tiger Marrón aims to be a lifestyle brand, so we will be expanding our product offerings going forward.

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