Include These 3 Powerful Oils In Your Winter Hair Care Routine

Oil trends come and go faster than fashion, but if you nourish your hair with the right one, they are here to stay. Anciently oil is considered the ideal remedy for hair wellness, but commercialisation of synthetic mineral and silicon oils has taken away from its pure unrivalled natural benefits. Dryness, flakiness and dandruff are problems that no one asked for, but we have to be vigilant with. Yes, we know it’s infuriating to oscillate between serums, masks, shampoos, conditioners and what not, to treat damaged locks – the answer though is to have an affair with oil.

Enter Brillare. Homegrown, cruelty-free, vegan personal care whilst ensuring healthier texture and tassels of hair with a range of 100 per cent natural and 10X potent booster oils addressing your horrid hair concerns in almost a fortnight when applied frequently.

 1. Hair Fall Control Oil Shots

‘Tis the season of merriment and let’s be real, also hair fall. You may not have heard of this unusual concoction of basil, coffee and onion extracts in oil but here’s the truth – it works wonders on controlling seasonal and stress induced hair fall, excessive scalp oil secretion, hair growth and blood circulation of hair roots.

2. Heavy Moisturising Oil Shots

Nothing screams moisturisation better than argan oil, shea butter and soy proteins. Luckily for you, this oil shot comprises these elements transforming your hair to locks of youthfulness and elasticity.

3. Dandruff Control Oil Shots

The holy trinity against dandruff aka celery, neem and tea tree oil are your defence mechanism towards regulating oil secretion, irritation with antimicrobial properties inhibiting dandruff and leaving shiny strands.

Brillare’s secret doesn’t lie in the depths of an ocean but at the bottom of idiosyncratically blended 6 ml x 8 bottles. Let these be the #SlowNaturalHealing that your hair woes need; try it and thank us later!

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