8 Indian Fashion Labels Across The Globe That Are On Our Radar


From fusing heritage fabrics and crafts with contemporary silhouettes to adopting slow and conscious production models, these Indian designers around the world are breaking ground and inspiring the next generation of fashion enthusiasts.

1. Ranjana Khan 


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Being born and raised in Mumbai, the designer has been immersed in a culture that embraced vibrant colours and unique textures. Khan’s brand is synonymous with bold statement jewellery and her crafts extend to designing necklaces, bracelets, bags, scarves, and all things embroidery.

2. Supriya Lele 


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British-Indian designer’s brand portrays recurrent themes like the female form and dialogue between her British identity and Indian cultural heritage. The label embodies minimalistic designs that are sensual yet playful.

3. Roopa Pemmaraju

Their collections are inspired by cultures around the world and designed in New York City crafted at their atelier in India. Each garment is envisioned as a modern heirloom that is consciously made and sewn by hand.

4. abacaxi 


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5. Ahluwalia 


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The label combines elements from the designer’s dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots. It explores the potential of vintage and surplus clothing by giving existing material a new life through various textile and patchwork techniques.

6. Bhanuni by Jyoti

This fashion label is known for its traditional art meets avant-garde designs of heirloom-inspired pieces. Designer Jyoti Sharma Bajaj bridges traditions and innovation in her stunning collections.

7. P.E.L.L.A. 


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Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama’s artisanal label is conceptually driven towards slow fashion incorporating zero waste creative pattern making in garment construction and design. It is a 100% hand-stitched label creating designs without any use of machines.

8. Varana 


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This fashion house combines the exceptional quality of Indian craftsmanship and textiles with clean lines and refined cuts of modern design.





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