ELLE Exclusive: Diipa Khosla And Malvika Sitlani On Ayurvedistry, Lip Trends And indē wild

indē wild

As a beauty writer, I get first glimpse at every new product launching in the market- which means I look at products with a critical lens, and only the best pass the muster. The beauty industry is currently flooded with brands, each seemingly serving different purpose, though it becomes hard to tell. Amidst this clutter, indē wild— the brainchild of content creator Diipa Khosla and her mother, Sangitha Khosla stands out. Following the principles of Ayurvedistry, it blends the power of age-old Ayurvedic traditions with conscious chemistry. Since its inception, this beauty brand has given the industry products that are designed to simplify your routine with effective ingredients and formulations.

To celebrate indē wild’s newest launch in India—the Dewy Lip Treatment and their first-ever Indian ambassador, we spoke to Diipa Khosla and Malvika Sitlani about Ayurvedistry, buzzing beauty trends and what the future holds.

Diipa Khosla

ELLE: How has your experience as a content creator helped you in your entrepreneurial journey in any way?

Diipa Khosla (DK): Yes, it has! I think as a content creator I am a social native. Having worked with so many different brands in the past, I was able to harness the power of my community to learn how to build a more authentic and likeable brand for my products. I could also see what was missing from other brand processes and fill in the gaps within mine like hosting numerous focus groups to find out true customer pain points.

ELLE: How exactly do you combine the holistic aspect of Ayurveda with the modern advancements we see in skin care today?


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DK: We aim to normalise Ayurvedistry as more than just a cultural term, but also a clinical one. Ayurvedistry, in essence, is giving honour and respect to the Indian beauty heritage by representing ingredients that stood the test of time and pairing them with cutting-edge technology. So in the end, we can provide a clinical and natural solution to skincare.  

ELLE: As someone who is at the centre of the beauty industry and gets a first look at beauty trends, how much do these trends impact your decision to formulate products?

DK: While I have immense exposure to a lot of trends, we rarely turn these trends into a product. This is because we want indē wild to operate as a legacy brand which holds longevity, not a trend-chasing one. And two, the lifeline of launching a product takes over 18 months, so it is difficult to jump on a trend immediately because by the time we apply it over 100 new ones have already overtaken its hype.

ELLE: In an already cluttered market of lip care products, how does Dewy Lip Treatment stand out?


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DK: This one stands out because it is very multi-purpose. While different brands specialise in lip oils, lip plumpers, and lip masks, our Dewy Lip treatment does all of that in one product. With our phytoplump technology, the treatment is clinically proven to moisturise the lips for over 8 hours as the hyaluronic acid and biomimic ghee penetrate deeper than the surface level of the lips.

ELLE:  You’ve also announced a special lip ambassador for India with Malvika Sitlani…


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DK: Malvika and I have been friends for a very long time so when I first showed her the lip product, she immediately fell in love with it. It was right after that I realised we were destined to work together, with the combination of her experience in the beauty field and her organic connection to the product, I knew the ambassadorship couldn’t go any other way.  

ELLE: What next?

DK: indē wild intends to eventually provide a head-to-toe solution for skin care and hair care – this means everything under the umbrella of skincare and hair while always staying true and incorporating Ayurvedistry in our products.

Malvika Sitlani

ELLE: As a content creator who has been a part of the industry for almost a decade now, how do you pick and choose your collaborations?


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Malvika Sitlani (MS): I’ve always approached collaborations considering three critical aspects.  First, it’s vital that I genuinely love the product. That’s been a personal rule I’ve upheld throughout my career journey. Second, the overall campaign must seamlessly align with our brand’s essence and content style. It’s crucial for me that any collaboration reflects the genuine voice and style of our brand. Lastly, we assess if our audience will resonate with the product. If it’s something I find valuable and believe our audience will too, then finding the balance between my content style and the campaign’s objectives becomes the next step. It’s about making it as authentic and organic as possible, ensuring that it not only fits my style but also serves the campaign’s goals. 

ELLE: Could you tell us about what collaborating with a fellow content creator has been like, with Diipa?


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MS: This collaboration was rooted in friendship which makes it even more special. I’ve seen Diipa at leisure and work and in both areas, she exuberates high energy. We both look at things from a different lens! Diipa is a marketing genius and I am very particular about content relatability and visuals, so we both got to play off each other’s strengths and talk about a lip product we both love. It was the smoothest campaign ever.

- Beauty Writer


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