Istituto Marangoni Mumbai’s Creative Minds Present Its Trend Boards

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Modern Folklore by Marushka Manchanda

“Drawing inspiration from folkloric tapestry while using modern silhouettes, Modern Folklore focuses on garments with patterns and prints. The spotlight is on durability, as buyers choose to invest in statement pieces that can be styled in different ways. The process of making this trend-board was an eye-opening experience for me, as it introduced me to working with a pre-existing brand image, as well as urged me to find a balance between my own aesthetic sensibilities and the brief at hand.”

The colours red and pink were visable in many designers collection in different styles of silhouettes, bags and shoes and accessories. Since these colours denote to the word love, hence I have given this trend the name valentine winter.

Winter Valentine by Shreya Chhabria

“The idea behind my Winter Valentine trend-board came across to me through the colour pallet of red and pink. From bags to accessories to silhouettes, these colours are starkly visible in various designers’ Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. The process of designing this trend-board was an educational experience, as it helped me develop the understanding of how to maintain a balance between the many designers’ brand identities and my personal aesthetic.”

FRINGED by Isha Jain

“The added value of fringes made itself evident in the Fall/Winter 2021 creations. From CHANEL’s subtle use of accents on skirts to Salvatore Ferragamo’s experimental play on dresses, fringes announced a new array of possibilities. The intention of bringing this concept onto a trend-board stemmed from the observed and repeated attempts of using the ‘fringe’ look to add dimensions and movement to any piece worn on the body. Although the looks speak different languages, the culmination of them all form an empirical trend that can call attention to the young gaze that follows. Curating the pieces for this trend-board came easy to me. However, selecting the best fits to be in sync with others made me build, rebuild and unlearn the visuals I had drafted in the process.”

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