This International Fragrance Day welcome gender free perfumes with One Soul by ITC Engage

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Celebrations used to be about events, people and achievements, but today we celebrate emotions, memories, experiences and just life with all the goodness in it. That is the reason we have specific days in a year to celebrate love, environment, food, books and even fragrances. That’s right, the world celebrates its love for fragrances on the 21st of March each year. So on this International Fragrance Day, we embrace and celebrate the power of a scent that conveys emotions and experiences transcending inhibitions and social constructs.

If you like a perfume, it is made for you, it is as simple as that. And thanks to the time we’re living in, people don’t feel the need to be binary and belong to an enforced box or a label. The beauty and grooming industry is catching up to this fact as brands today have become increasingly conscious of people’s need for experiences, freedom of expression and inclusivity over something as trivial as gender labels. And pushing the envelope in India’s traditionally steep perfume industry is ITC Engage with their first ever gender free fragrance – One Soul. 

Celebrating Inclusive Grooming…

Picture this – You’re out on a social call, and suddenly a divine fragrance captivates your olfactory senses. You look around trying to find who is wearing this particular scent but regardless of who it is, you’re already drawn to them. That is the magic of a great fragrance! It stays with you before your brain even starts processing what this perfume wearer looks like or even if it is him or her. And this is exactly what the new Engage Eau De Parfum range brings to the table. The brand introduced One Soul earlier this year, as a part of their new EDP range with 4 additional fragrances that celebrate inclusive grooming for anyone who simply loves smelling great. 

Beyond the binary, for the Soul…

One Soul is Indulgence, Intrigue and Infinitude in a bottle. Inspired by the blue skies and open spaces, this fragrance is a heady and elemental concoction that opens with aromatic citrusy and spicy notes which settle into a smooth woody base. This composition makes this scent both tender and virile complementing the sensibilities of a free soul and bringing a zealous yet delightful aura to the wearer. This scent is universally flattering and a head-turner for sure! 

Exploring occasions…

That’s what we vote for, explore occasions and not arbitrary standards.The new Engage EDP range has introduced nuances in grooming with scents designed for Day and Night wear occasions. Engage Verona is a classic fragrance for a women’s day look while Engage Fantasia completes the night look for special dates, formal events, evenings, and even gifting. On the other hand, Engage Indigo Skies is an uplifting addition for men’s everyday routine and they can use Engage Amber hues for special occasions and evening soirées. From fresh and revitalizing fragrances to flaunt in the day to the romantic and intoxicating blends of sweet and musky notes to don at nights, you can have your pick from this range. Taking away the labels has created a sense of freedom for everyone so that they can choose the fragrance that they gravitate towards. 

This International Fragrance Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your fantastic sense of smell with scents that entice YOU….and maybe your loved ones. With these amazing EDPs from Engage, you don’t have to think twice before sharing the fragrances with your SO or friends anymore, they’ll love it all the same. 

The new Engage Eau de Parfum range including One Soul is available on Amazon, Nykaa, ITC E-storeFlipkart, Purplle and leading offline stores at an MRP of INR 599/- for 100ml

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