Introducing Brillare’s All Natural, Zero Dilution Range To Maximise Efficacy Of Your Personal Care Regimen

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Whether a beauty enthusiast or not – face cleanser, moisturiser and hair oil are some common essentials that are spotted in everyone’s vanity. Now turn around any of your “all natural” beauty bottles and check out the ingredient list, high chances are that you will find water or perhaps aqua to be the prime one. The clean and natural ingredients that encouraged your purchase in the first place are heavily diluted with water and other substances in reality, leaving little or no room for them to work at their best capacity. The beauty industry at large has embraced dilution for decades together, indicating the rampant and imprudent utilisation of water over the years.

The Problem With Dilution

Water is one of the most common substances employed to dilute products like cleansers, serums, oils and creams. Furthermore, harsh chemicals and preservatives are put to use to circumvent any bacterial growth that may occur due to the substantial water content. Besides an abated efficacy, water and chemicals in such diluted products also strip off the natural oils and moisture from your skin.

The Best Way Out

Notch up your beauty regimen by incorporating the revolutionary concept of ‘zero dilution’, which is the ultimate choice for natural beauty products. Zero dilution as the name suggests, refers to products that aren’t adulterated with any substances whatsoever and are only formulated with botanical and natural ingredients. When products are created in the absence of dilution, you get to experience the most potent, effective and purest form of every ingredient. Zero dilution is the need of the hour since it not only shrinks the exposure to unfavourable substances but is also a blessing in disguise for the planet.

Brillare’s Zero Dilution Range

Lucky for us, homegrown brand Brillare offers a full-blown range of products that are scientifically formulated without any sort of dilution to endow your hair and skin with the purity that it deserves. With naturally derived ingredients and powerful formulations, the zero dilution products are one of those rare products that stand up to their claims. Brillare as a brand believes in fostering the skin and hair with nothing but the best nutrition through their zero dilution products.

The range encompasses of many products that cover Oil Shots (hair oils), Power Drops (face booster serums) Real Face Wash (powder-based cleansers), Ultimate Soothing Oil and Natural Mineral Sunscreen. The concern-oriented formulations of the products show results in as little as a month. The range also keeps the sustainability quotient in check by opting for glass packaging (that is easy to reuse and recycle) plus minimises plastic and water consumption.

Oil Shots: A unique, potent and powerful zero dilution hair oil blend formulation with hair-enriching ingredients like coffee, basil, onion, neem, tea tree, celery, shea butter, argan oil and soy proteins, the concentrated oil shots are 10x powerful and address concerns like dandruff, hair fall and dryness.

Power Drops: Brillare’s zero dilution booster face serums with skin enriching ingredients like saffron, sandalwood, tea tree, rose mary, bakuchoil and argan, they formulated to maximise the benefits of your daily moisturiser and toner by adding the booster Power Drops to treat issues like pigmentation, acne and ageing skin types.

Real Face Wash: Transforming the way face washes are formulated, these real face washes are pure and gentle, and offers the goodness of skin-loving ingredients like neem, rose and orange in the most efficacious manner.

Ultimate Soothing Oil: A magical skin soothing oil with ingredients like hemp oil, black currant and rosemary is your go to oil to fight skin issues like dermatitis, irritated and sensitive skin

Natural Mineral Sunscreen: An ultra-light, non-absorbing, water resistant sunscreen to soothe, protect and repair sun exposed skin.  Made with skin nourishing ingredients like acacia, sweet almond, and zinc, it is formulated to give the safest sun protection.

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