Irasva Jewellery Is Made For The Modern Woman Who Celebrates Herself


Founded in 2019, Irasva is a home-grown diamond jewellery brand that’s captured the imagination of the discerning buyer. Bringing together craft and innovation, Irasva is an ode to the magnificence of the modern, intuitive and powerful woman. It weaves vibrant colours and unmatched motifs into the rich tapestry of Indian contemporary craft of jewellery making while weaving in the modern aesthetics that have come to define its collections. 

Intertwining an eternal bond between ‘IRA’ or the pure emotion of love and ‘SVA’ or the essence of self, Irasva is an exquisite harmony dedicated to self-love. Beyond mere accessories, it celebrates its jewellery as an extension of a woman’s essence — mirrored in her life, personality and emotions. Each piece she decides to wear holds the power to evoke feelings of success and confidence; she walks with a spring in her step, only stopping to catch her own shine and joyous smile in the mirror. 

From elegant adornments for everyday wear to bold statement pieces, Irasva curates jewellery for every occasion. The translation of self-expression happens with bold colours intermingling with the diamonds and effortless designs for Every Other Day wear. Their jewellery is priced at Rs. 50,000 and upwards, for all those wishing to add a touch of elegance to their ensemble. 


Irasva’s One-Of-A-Kind Beliefs

Multi-Dimensional Design

Design lies at the heart of Irasva, which resonates at various touchpoints of both form and functionality. Constantly striving towards new heights of artistic innovation, their designers are looking to push the boundaries of traditional jewellery-making to discover the extraordinary. Often investing 6 months into researching and mastering techniques, Irasva is dedicated to creating labours of love through their one-of-a-kind jewels. 

Experience And Expertise

The Irasva store is where time slows down. It is a place where one can linger, have conversations over several cups of coffee and intimately share what you love about jewellery.

It is necessary that the act of purchasing jewellery be both a personalised and unhurried experience, allowing for one to carefully curate their collection without the chaos of rows upon rows of over-the-counter set up of displays. Irasva dedicates itself to that experience — providing customers an ultimate luxury jewellery buying affair, over and above the art and craft itself. 

Bespoke Services

Irasva’s jewellery atelier is an inspirational house. Equipped with passionate designers and skilled artisans working together to attain a vision, they aspire to create pieces that will be cherished for generations to come. With customised pieces that are a one-of-a-kind expression of yourself, they uncover your unique jewellery personality through understanding and designing just for you. Giving flight to one’s imagination, Irasva’s designers can create custom creations in 30 minutes, either from scratch or using old jewellery. 


Mosaïque Collection

Influenced by the 19th century technique of creating coloured stained glass windows, Irasva’s Mosaïque collection lies at the intersection of brilliant diamonds playing with vivid hues of translucent enamel. A procedure that has been harnessed only by a select few jewellery houses globally, the challenging ‘plique-à-jour’ used by Irasva translates to “letting in the daylight.” With a profile of nearly 20 hues, the Mosaique piece is a product of innovation, creativity and precision. 

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