Irasva’s Founder Leshna Shah On What Sets Her Fine Jewellery Brand Apart From The Rest

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Irasva Fine Jewellery, founded in 2019, beautifully merges “IRA” symbolizing love and “SVA” representing self, capturing the essence of self-love. Leshna Shah, the mind behind Irasva, brings a design-oriented vision to the brand. Originally offering everyday jewellery, Irasva now crafts couture and occasion wear, while Leshna also designs for WithClarity, an international e-commerce brand. ELLE spoke to the founder of Irasva, Leshna Shah about her plans to expand the brand, the challenges she has faced in the market and modern jewellery trends.


ELLE: Can you share insights into Irasva Fine Jewellery’s expansion plans?

Leshna Shah (LS): Irasva Fine Jewellery celebrates the recent opening of its fourth store in Borivali, Mumbai, following the success of its second Mumbai store. The brand is excited to announce plans for another store in the iconic Bandra locality, known for its vibrant fashion scene. With established stores in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, we are dedicated to offering a personalised shopping experience and delivering timeless, exquisite pieces to jewellery enthusiasts across diverse regions. The expansion reflects our commitment to enriching the Irasva experience for valued customers.


ELLE: In what ways has Irasva adapted to evolving trends in the jewellery market, and how do you foresee the brand’s future relevance in the industry?

LS: : Irasva Fine Jewellery seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with timeless charm, presenting a stunning collection of diamonds, gemstones, and uncut Polki diamonds. Our commitment to creating elegant masterpieces shines through in designs backed by the innovation team of Renaissance Global Limited. Our driving force is innovation. Leveraging the manufacturing capabilities of our parent company, we bring forth high-quality pieces featuring unique designs destined to be cherished for generations. Embracing the trend of personalization, we offer custom solutions, allowing customers to actively engage in crafting their distinctive pieces. As we persist in our innovation journey, we stay dedicated to delivering enduring sophistication and refined taste, adding a touch of personalized elegance to the world of jewellery.


ELLE: What challenges has Irasva faced in the jewellery market, and how have you addressed or overcome them?

LS: In the competitive jewellery industry, staying ahead demands innovation, and Irasva excels by leveraging its Renaissance expertise in materials and technology. The Moonlit collection, born from six months of careful research, showcases this commitment with its seamless blend of enamel, lacquer, and diamonds on white gold.

Benefiting from Renaissance”s three-decade legacy as a leading exporter of studded jewellery, Irasva has earned a foundation of trust. This trust, cultivated over the years, ensures clients receive unmatched quality and value. In today’s market, where consumers seek value beyond the price, Irasva meets this demand by prioritizing transparency and customer trust. The brand openly shares detailed information about purchases, including material quality and transparent pricing breakdowns.


Recognizing the need for more than just a product, Irasva introduces a “lifetime exchange & buyback” policy, offering clients a seamless and flexible service. With a commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer-centric policies, Irasva successfully thrives in the landscape of the jewellery industry.

ELLE: How does Irasva engage with its customers, and how important is customer feedback in shaping the brand’s direction?

LS: At Irasva, customer interaction goes beyond transactions; it’s a personalized journey. Our retail experience stands out, moving away from traditional jewellery chains. Recognizing that customers are style enthusiasts, not just buyers, our knowledgeable consultants provide a seamless and educational in-store experience. Customer feedback is our compass, guiding our brand’s direction. In an era emphasizing individual style, we highly value understanding our customers’ desires. Their insights shape current collections and inspire future designs. By actively seeking and incorporating feedback, we are committed to adapting and differentiating the store experience, reinforcing our dedication to creating a space where customers feel heard, valued, and empowered in their jewellery choices.


ELLE: Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future of Irasva Fine Jewellery, and how do you plan to lead the brand towards continued success and innovation?

LS: Our future vision is all about being innovative, offering personalized experiences, and ensuring lasting success. We’re set for expansion with two new stores planned for the coming year, utilizing the scalability and cost benefits of Renaissance Global Limited.


We’re committed to taking customer experience to new heights through personalized services and crafting unique pieces. Irasva Fine Jewellery’s future is built on a leadership approach that values creativity and adaptability. Understanding the need for constant innovation in the jewellery industry, we’re dedicated to staying ahead of trends. Looking ahead, Irasva Fine Jewellery aims to be known for its ability to anticipate and adapt to changes, solidifying its place not just as a jewellery brand but as a lasting symbol of elegance and creativity in the industry.

ELLE: How do you foresee the trends of Irasva Fine Jewellery aligning with the preferences and styles of the newer generation, and what strategies are the brand employing to capture the evolving tastes of this dynamic demographic?

LS: Today’s consumers prefer authentic, simple, and lightweight elegance in their jewellery, influenced by global lifestyle and fashion trends. Irasva aligns with these influences through our international brands, offering a curated collection tailored to the preferences of the newer generation. This commitment is reflected in meaningful storytelling and adaptability.


To meet the demand for lighter jewellery, we use innovative technology to craft polki pieces that are both comfortable and visually appealing without being heavy. Our focus on versatility is paired with a strong emphasis on individuality. Irasva offers customisable options, empowering customers to personalize their jewellery. This ensures each piece becomes a unique expression of their style, capturing the evolving tastes of our dynamic demographic.

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