Is Hair Botox the Answer to All Your Haircare Woes? We Ask An Expert

hair botox

How I wish I had known about Hair Botox earlier! A little back story here–I spent most of my teenage years straightening my dry and frizzy hair with an old straightener. Back then, I didn’t know this frizz was actually curly hair because the curly girl method hadn’t taken the internet by storm yet. So, when I turned 18, the only thing I asked for was to permanently straighten my locks.

Without a lot of knowledge about the topic, I went with what my local hairdresser suggested–a hair smoothening treatment. Although it solved one of my biggest insecurities, it brought with it a host of new ones. My hair lacked volume, I couldn’t style it how I liked and the new growth looked funny.

If, like me, you also spend a considerable chunk of your day scrolling through Instagram Reels, there’s a high chance you’ve seen the transformative results of this treatment. Firstly, the name is an ode to one of the more popular skin injectables that helps tighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles. Similarly, the Hair Botox treatment is essentially a dose of nutrients to the hair that condition, smoothen and repair damaged strands.

So, to know more about this viral hair treatment, we spoke with Maleeha Jafferbhoy, Style Director at JCB Salons.

ELLE: How does hair botox compare to other hair straightening or smoothing treatments in terms of safety and effectiveness?

Maleeha Jafferbhoy (MJ): The alkaline agent used in straightening goes into the innermost layer of the cortex, breaks the keratin bonds and reshapes them giving them a poker-straight look. Botox works as a repairing agent and straightens the hair. It works inside the cortex and repairs the broken bonds. It makes the hair frizz-free and manageable. The best part is that doesn’t make the hair poker straight.

ELLE: What are the primary benefits of getting a hair botox treatment for damaged or frizzy hair?

MJ: The primary benefit of getting a hair botox treatment for damaged or frizzy hair is that it reduces the frizz and hence the hair looks more youthful. Moreover, there is an inbuilt plex in the products used which helps with bond repair, another trending hair care industry, and the collagen improves firmness and elasticity in the hair. The Hair Botox treatment also gives a 60% straight look.

ELLE: How long can the results of a hair botox treatment last, and what factors can affect its longevity?

MJ: Botox treatment lasts 40-50 washes depending on the brand. It is critical to focus on haircare after botox treatment in order to achieve long-term results. The aftercare one should follow is-

  • Use the right sulphate shampoo.
  • Condition your hair after every wash
  • Use a serum recommended by a hair expert
  • Don’t wash your hair as often after the treatment
  • Skip oil while the treatment is in the hair
  • Avoid the swimming pool and sea water as it can strip off the Botox

ELLE: How does hair botox work to improve hair?

MJ: Botox for hair doesn’t actually contain the ingredient of botulinum toxin, which is the main ingredient of Botox. Instead, it’s a name based on how the product works. Just like Botox works by relaxing the muscles and smoothing skin, Hair Botox works by filling in individual fibres of hair to help give it fullness and make it smooth.

Now that you know about the many benefits of this viral treatment, make your way to your nearest Jean-Claude Biguine salon and pamper your hair to the goodness of Hair Botox!

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