Istituto Marangoni Develops The First “Digital Fashion Show” Format Of The Group Awards The 3D Collections Exclusively Created By The Graduates22/23.

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AI has indubitably taken the world by storm. With its unmissable presence, the potential of AI is being tapped by innovators in every field, with fashion being no exception. The Istituto Marangoni Group, in collaboration with its community of students, teachers, and alumni, offers the first AI-powered event that pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion collection promotion formats, transcending geographical and cultural barriers through its Metaverse.

“I AM AI” is a revolutionary format that offers an unmatched experience in which the conventional fashion show expresses itself through a new method by mixing 3D collection development software with digital settings built by AI. “I AM AI” is a bold step forward in the fashion industry’s innovation, featuring designs made in CLO3D by the brightest students from its institutions. It represents a first step in the experimentation that Istituto Marangoni will carry out in its Metaverse, open to all fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and students who will find in this digital space a format to experience new forms of creativity.

A one-of-a-kind, totally digital immersive experience that exemplifies the high degree of experimentation performed by Istituto Marangoni in recent years with the establishment of its Metaverse. This involves holding Dubai’s first phygital fashion show and inventing this unique new format in which creativity may materialize in new semantic ways owing to specific AI software. The immersive navigation will also include a gamification moment where images can be created with selected student looks and placed in backgrounds created by artificial intelligence.

A symphony of cutting-edge innovation and artificial intelligence, in which the delicate balance of scientific advancement and ethics yields amazing collections. In this case, AI algorithms not only guide the creative process by providing vital insights, but also act as creative collaborators for students, improving their capacity to conceive and produce unique works. A groundbreaking method ushers in a new era of inquiry, in which human ingenuity and artificial intelligence combine to elevate education to new levels of inspiration and originality.

“I AM AI” is also a catalyst for all luxury, fashion, and design firms looking to experiment with new types of innovation capable of engaging new generations. Two independent juries will decide on the most inventive collection: the first, a “technical” panel comprised of alumni, mentors, and fashion industry professionals, and the second, comprised of all visitors expressing their choices by voting directly in the Metaverse.”

“I AM AI” is the first step in the experimentation that Istituto Marangoni will carry out in its Metaverse, which will be available to all fashion fans, industry experts, and students who will find a platform to discover new forms of creativity in this digital realm.

- Digital Intern


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