Istituto Marangoni Mumbai Presents Their 2022 Student Showcase – ‘Ominiverse’

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The recently concluded fashion month left us with more than a few takeaways. Drama is central, fashion wants in on conversations and the metaverse is here to stay. Brands have been making their presence felt in the metaverse, dropping collections specifically for digital avatars. And fashion schools are paying attention. After a break of 2 years where the event was digital, acclaimed Italian Fashion and Design school, Istituto Marangoni Mumbai, hosted their 2022 fashion presentation by 2nd year students in a physical setting. Aptly named for these times, the show – ‘Omniverse’ – playfully explores the metaverse and its implications for humanity.

Focusing on the theme of omnipresence, the show pushed boundaries and norms. It’s important to embrace technological research – We are born in a beautiful Universe- yet it seems we want to live in multiple ‘verses’ exploring other avenues of survival as a race. Much like the theme explored in movies -a metaverse with digital twins – we also want to be sure to be everywhere, across different layers, living multiple lives simultaneously.

Priyanshu Jain – Enigma

The show also linked the recently launched Istituto Marangoni Metaverse page to the physical show and integrate digital aspects of the design process of students into an immersive experience. Speaking about the virtual showcase, Mr. Tarun Pandey, COO – Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai said, “Istituto Marangoni Mumbai’s 2022 student fashion showcase – Omniverse – spotlights the creativity of our 2nd-year students through their 18 collections. These are the result of a reflection by each designer on the unprecedented couple of years that the fashion industry has gone through due to the drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The collections by these talented students are filtered through and influenced by the unique point of view and brand-new expressive language of Gen-Z, to which our students belong.”

Pooja Kothari – Antinomy

Student collections not only celebrated their personal and professional growth at Istituto Marangoni Mumbai but also the concept of the ‘Omniverse’.

There were a total of 18 students showcasing their collections at the show.

These are as follows:

• Ekta Bohra: ‘Kaalbelia’ collection

• Lavanya Sharma: ‘Jamais Vu’ collection

• Halai Saad: ‘Coalescence’ collection

• Prathana Gupta: ‘Butterfly Effect’ collection

• Dhanisha Shah: ‘Mindscape’ collection

• Isha Kapadia: ‘Piece by Piece’ collection

• Saraswati Singh: ‘Mayanagri’ collection

• Ameya Chhabra: ‘Flesh & Fantasy’ collection

• Aditi Magesh: ‘Limen Earth’ collection

• Prachi Mohta: ‘A Ridicule Phantom’ collection

• Vedant Ruparell: ‘27 Club’ collection

• Anshika Jain: ‘Unwind’ collection

• Abha Pandit: ‘The Paracosm’ collection

• Priyanshu Jain: ‘Enigma’ collectionSimran Ramnani: ‘Mouvi’ collection

• Pooja Kothari Mirani: ‘Antinomy’ collection

• Abhishek Gaherwar: ‘Behind the Curtain’ collection

• Shivani Vora: ‘Anicca’ collection

Abha Pandit was awarded as the ‘Fashion Design student of the Year’ for the collection that she showcased at the event.

Abha Pandit

Talking about the show and the level of fresh talent, Mevin Murden, Director of Education – Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai said, “The Mumbai school collections are stronger and stronger each year, moulding into a distinct identity celebrating India’s fine heritage of textile and craft. The Italian approach helps students design for a global market innovating and re-contextualising crafts. The aim is to educate students in responsible design whether it is in terms of environmental or social responsibility. The show was designed to give a contemporary luxury look and feel to the experience reflecting the new aesthetics of luxury fashion for the new generation of consumers.”

Abha Pandit – The Paracosm
Pooja Kothari – Antinomy
Prachi Mohta – A Ridicule Phantom
Dhanisha Shah – Mindscape

Deeply entrenched in the world of fashion, Istituto Marangoni lays on the distinctive elements that have marked its identity since the foundation. There is a marked emphasis on ‘Made in Italy’ values, with a strong thrust on vocation. The educational system is distinctly elevated with proven quality and effectiveness. The school boasts of the contribution of, and an established collaboration with, the most prominent fashion companies of the world.

Saraswati Singh – Mayanagri
Vedant Ruparell – 27 Club
Abhishek Gaherwar – Behind The Curtauns
Isha Kapadia – Piece By Piece
Simran Ramnani – Mouvi


• Luxury fabric brand, Prima Czar, partnered with Istituto Marangoni Mumbai for the event and provided the fabrics for the students’ collections.

• The Rilievi Group, a leading company in handmade tailoring and embroidery for the haute couture industry partnered with Istituto Marangoni Mumbai for the event.

• Salon chain, Jean-Claude Biguine, supported the hair and makeup curation for the fashion showcase.

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