It’s All In The ‘Nam’


Do I have a beauty muse? I don’t know if I have one. I have never been asked this question. I don’t think I do. Do I need to have one?” exclaims Eric in a bewildered tone. While he may not have a beauty muse, Eric is certainly not a beauty novice, as evidenced in this freewheeling chat with Sumona Bose.

Incredibly dreamy, Eric has managed to make entire nations swoon and fall for him. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, US, the exceedingly charming Eric has managed to merge South Korean and American sensibilities in his sound, image and beauty habits. Eric, who grew up in a household that encouraged self-care, attributes his time spent in South Korea as a beauty mentor. “Having lived in an environment where good skin and skin products are sought-after and taking care of yourself is prioritised, South Korea is probably my biggest beauty influence,” Eric says. But unlike many celebrities, Eric’s beauty philosophy goes beyond vanity. “I think that skincare, beauty, health, and wellness are all about personal happiness and satisfaction. It’s not just for a particular gender, industry or job, but for everybody. It’s very close-minded of people who think otherwise,” says Eric. He truly believes that skincare should be a prominent part of self-care. Questioning the cultural block behind men pursuing a proper skincare routine, Eric says, ”When we go to the gym, especially men, people don’t question it. I think skincare should be treated the same way. It makes me feel confident and at peace, mentally.” The pop star is quite snappy with his response to haters too, “If someone has a problem with my skin or the way I look, for me that sounds like a ‘You’ problem. I don’t regard them as my fan because I don’t need that toxic energy in my life,” reveals Eric.

For someone who’s in front of the camera or performing on the stage for a live audience, maintaining good skin comes with the job. So what does his skincare routine look like? Eric is seasonal with his routine and follows an extensive 10-step process. He starts with an oil cleanser followed by a foam cleanse, toner, essence, serum, maybe a vitamin oil, moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm, and hand cream to wrap things up. He recently started using facial tools which include red light therapy from SolaWave as well. When it comes to his favourite beauty products, he names the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré as his all-time favourites.

However, the real question is, does he enjoy it? “From dudes coming up to me on the street commenting on my routine, to enjoying exclusive sampling access to products that are under development in Korean laboratories, I exploit my skincare obsession to the fullest,” he says. And FYI, for readers who ever wondered what Eric Nam smells like, his signature scent is the Giorgio Armani Bois D’Encens Eau De Parfum!

No beauty maven has ever done it alone and Eric’s got his own set of teachers as well. He attributes his beauty knowledge to hairstylists, MUAs, and friends. He reveals, “I am always being offered different products so I have the opportunity to try new things all the time. I also follow social media, mailers, magazines and a bunch of other sources to stay updated on new products, innovative packaging or trendy ingredients,” he reveals. Eric’s efforts to shift the narrative of men being into skincare, conscious or not, are certainly appreciated by us beauty girls!

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