J.Fla: Unveiling the Musical and Fashion Alchemy Behind ‘Burn The Flower’


In the dynamic world of music and fashion, there are rare talents that shine as brightly as J.Fla. From her humble beginnings on YouTube to now holding a staggering 17 million subscribers, J.Fla’s journey has been one of the most remarkable growth and transformation.

The extraordinary singer-songwriter delves deep into her music, and the powerful interaction of fashion and philosophy that has emerged throughout her career in this interview. With her latest album, ‘Burn The Flower,’ J.Fla has taken the world by storm, captivating hearts and minds with her soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

The essence of J.Fla’s affection for music and how it has shaped her into the artist she is today, showcasing the powerful synergy between her artistry and her unique sense of style.

Q. Congratulations on coming back with the first full album ‘Burn The Flower’! What were you most excited about preparing this album?

J.Fla:I was very excited to be able to release a full album and thought how happy my fans would be with me waiting for this album.

Q. What should we be focusing on for this album?

J.Fla: The biggest focus point is that all the songs in the album are my real-life stories, fairytale-like stories of when I was a nobody, ironically having to sell my guitar to continue music, and how I started Youtube. I participated in production, lyrics, and arrangements so all of the emotions could be poured into the album.

Q. I’ve recognized that you wear mostly casual clothes in your videos. Do you also enjoy wearing chic styles like today? What style of clothes do you usually wear?

J.Fla: When I cover songs, I focus mostly on the song itself and make sure the song gets focused. So I wore lots of basic clothes without any brands showing. I usually style myself according to the situation, love being diverse with clothes and find what expresses me the best.

Q. I’m curious to know how, with what standard, you choose what to wear for the day.

J.Fla: Like the question before, I dress according to the schedule. Since I work on music most of the time, I try to dress stylishly, but make sure it doesn’t bother me during my work. I would say fashionable, but casual.

Q. To add more personal meaning to this shoot, you wore your own accessories, could you tell us what accessories to wear and why you chose this?

J.Fla: I consider accessories to be the most important part of fashion, when I saw the dress I immediately thought of chic and elegant which best fitted with the pieces of jewelry I chose.

Q. Can you introduce us to any special clothes or accessories that you have? Any stories behind it?

J.Fla: My special clothes would be all the ones I wore when I filmed my cover songs and the 300+ clothes that I own are all special and precious to me.

Q. Listening to the lyrics of ‘Bedroom Singer’ you are more comfortable filming in your own room by yourself, but it was exciting to see the new side of J.Fla during this shoot! What was it like to film in front of the camera and the staff?

J.Fla: When I arrived on set, I was very overwhelmed. Thankful for the opportunity, nervous but excited, all mixed feelings felt emotional. I also got a lot of advice from others that photo shoots are pretty tough, but I had so much fun I didn’t even feel tired. But as soon as I finished and went home, the physical stress came and I had a bit of a hard time with my next day schedule

Q. We’re excited about what’s to come for J.Fla, could you give our subscribers a little spoiler for your future plans?

J.Fla: I’m also very excited! This coming October I’m having my first show in Korea. With this start, I’m also planning for a world tour and making lots of different content on Youtube as well. Oh, and I am going to start doing my covers again.

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