Jacqueline Fernandez’s secrets to healthy skin

It is no secret that Jacqueline Fernandez’s glowing complexion is constantly being touted as #everythinggoals. So, how does the star manage to take care of her skin when she’s shooting outdoors, taking multiple flights and is continuously on the go? Turns out, less is more. Travelling, shooting and constant make-up changes do damage her skin and so, she likes to stick to a fluff-free routine. Below, find the star’s top skincare advice

Hydration hydration hydration

Who doesn’t want glowing, dewy skin all the time? Drinking optimum water is obviously the best fix but the second solution is almost as satisfying. The Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Satin Moisture Serum Mask is ideal for when Jacqueline’s been travelling. Plop this soothing aloe vera extract soaked mask on to quench dry skin and calm sensitivity and redness.

Clean up

If you’re aiming for super glowing skin, just eating healthy will no longer cut it. Along with a balanced diet, Jacqueline understands the importance of protecting her skin from sun damage and environmental aggressors by using the right skincare formulas. The best way to keep breakouts at bay? Follow the golden rule and never forget to cleanse your face before bed. The Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Activated Charcoal Brightening Face Wash will do the trick. This activated charcoal, easy-rinse formula sticks to dirt, grime and excessive oil and cleanses your skin minus any dryness.

Minimal effort = Maximum impact

Just like us, Jacqueline is always on the lookout for skincare that delivers max nourishment. And, her two minute fix for a photo-ready glow is the Lotus Herbals Whiteglow DD Crème. It is sheer enough to even out her skin tone and has mattifying superpowers that keep her skin shine-free even when humidity skyrockets. Along with all the skin-loving ingredients, this formula has an SPF 20 and is packed to the hilt with antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Well, we know a winner when we see one.

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