Japanese Beauty Is About To Be The Next Big Thing. Here’s Why

The Korean beauty wave has been sweeping us over for a while now. Glass skin, intricate beauty routines and quirky beauty trends have taken over our lives and Instagram feeds. But multi-step skincare routines aren’t everyone’s first option as they require extensive effort and end up burning a hole in your pocket. That’s where Japanese beauty, popularly known as J-Beauty comes in. Rooted in traditional rituals and healing your skin from within, Japanese beauty is all about a minimal routine with unique ingredients that provide targeted results.

“Instead of focusing on achieving perfect skin, J-Beauty puts emphasis on achieving skin that is healthy from the inside. It consists of a few crucial steps such as cleansing, toning, serum application, emulsion application, moisturiser and sunscreen,” explains Masahiro Kono-san from Noin, which includes cult favourite brands such as sopo, Chacott,  LuLuLin and naturaglace, all of which are exclusively available on Nykaa. Japanese beauty involves nourishing ingredients penetrating deep into your skin and tackling any concerns from within instead of superficially treating them.

While Western skincare focuses on targeting specific skincare concerns and tackling them, and Korean skincare focuses on perfecting what your skin looks like, Japanese beauty is more about maintaining the health of your skin in the long run. Famous for their application and massage techniques, Japanese beauty’s holistic approach to skincare rituals is what makes it so effective.

Curious about trying out a Japanese beauty routine? Here’s a little bit of everything that your vanity needs.

DHC Beauty Face Wash Powder

Always heading unique innovations, DHC Beauty’s Face Wash Powder features a powder-to-foam facial cleanser which thoroughly cleanses your face while gently exfoliating it too. The protease enzyme is an ingredient which exfoliates your skin while lavender and liquorice soothe inflamed skin. This face wash powder works for all skin types, even sensitive acne-prone skin! All thanks to its formulation, this product is the perfect travel buddy!

Lululun Pure Sheet Mask Balance

On some days, all you need after a terribly long day is a calming sheet mask that will seemingly take away all of your worries. Lululun’s Pure Sheet Mask – Balance is right up there. Designed to balance your skin and provide deep hydration, this sheet mask comes in a pack of 36. The essence present in this mask targets areas of dry patches and inflammation on the skin.

Bioré Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil


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Bioré’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil is an iconic makeup remover which effectively gets rid of heavy-duty makeup and even sunscreen at the end of a long day. Although this is an oil, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your face after application. Unlike usual cleansing oils, Bioré’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil doesn’t emulsify when you mix it with water, instead, it directly cleanses your face in its natural formula.

D-UP Eyelash Fixer Ex

Japanese Beauty

Getting faux eyelashes to actually stay in place is tougher than applying them in place. The D-UP Eyelash Fixer Ex is an eyelash glue featuring that comes with a thin brush to ensure precise application. This glue has an ultra-strong hold and is resistant to practically everything, ranging from sweat to tears and humidity too!

sopo Color Mascara


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While black mascara may give you fluttery, dreamy lashes, coloured mascara promises you the same with a pop of colour! sopo’s Color Mascara comes in multiple hues that are perfect for lifting your makeup look. Its long-staying power makes sure that it doesn’t budge or smudge from its place. The non-clumping formula of this product lets you coat your lashes with multiple layers!

naturaglace UV Protection Base SPF 50+

A product that provides sun protection and offers multiple skincare benefits? Sign us up! naturaglace’s UV Protection Base with SPF50+ protects your skin from UVA, UVB and infrared reds. Its silky texture doesn’t leave a tacky film on your skin when applied. However, if you have dry skin you may have to  layer your moisturiser under this.

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