ELLE Exclusive: Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director Sandra Choi Takes Us Inside The Brand’s Festive Collection

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Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo, vowed to transform the iconic brand into something more than its trademark stiletto allure a decade ago and has done so seamlessly. Choi’s fascination with the fashion world ignited during her early years, eventually leading her to immerse herself in her uncle Jimmy Choo’s business. Over the years, she played a pivotal role in the brand’s evolution, especially when it expanded into ready-to-wear lines, showcasing her design prowess. Choi continues to shape Jimmy Choo’s identity, ensuring its legacy in the fashion realm.

Sandra Choi

Diwali Capsule Lights The Way

Amidst Choi’s innovative leadership, Jimmy Choo unveils the enchanting Diwali Capsule collection, encapsulating the brand’s global allure and cultural inclusivity. Embodied by the charismatic brand ambassador Ananya Panday. The collection exudes the spirit of the festival of lights, Diwali. Inspired by the rich heritage and traditions of Diwali, the capsule brings forth a dazzling array of styles, casting metallic leather, glitter, and hot-fix Swarovski crystals into a spectrum of gold and bronze shades. This exquisite assortment includes designs that have been long-time favourites of their clients, each meticulously capturing the essence of celebration and tradition. Panday’s charm adds a touch of charisma to the Diwali Capsule, perfectly exhibiting the brand’s vision of bringing light, joy, and glamour to our lives.

ELLE: How do you see fashion evolving in the coming years, what innovative trends or concepts excite you the most?

Sandra Choi: Everything is connected, pop culture and arts have a huge influence on fashion, and fashion evolves as a cycle of reinvention. New generations look at Jimmy Choo while playing with style and identity, getting excited by exquisite new designs as well as archives designs being reinterpreted in our newest collections. Excitement is key to evolving in fashion and what keeps me inspired is to work on what is next at Jimmy Choo.

ELLE:  Reflecting on your journey, what has been the most challenging project you’ve undertaken, and what did you learn from it?

SC: The big challenges we undertake are developing ideas and bringing them to life with our team of expert artisans who are always developing new techniques and knowledge in accessories production. To design equals to collaborate and learn from other experiences, we overcome challenges by collaborating with our team and always pushing boundaries with an optimistic approach.

ELLE: Beyond the fashion world, are there specific artists who inspire your creative process?

SC: I always get inspired by artists and their view of the world. I love Rothko and the mesmerising, instinctive simplicity of colours. Helmut Newton is a great inspiration to me, his photography inspired me so much over the years.

ELLE: Jimmy Choo is a global brand. How do you approach designing products that resonate with diverse cultures and preferences worldwide? Are there specific regions or cultures that have influenced your designs?

SC: Jimmy Choo is an inclusive powerhouse, and our collections always embrace different backgrounds. I travel the world to feel and touch local cultures, and their lifestyles, and understand their specific needs that are reflected in each collection.

ELLE: Reflecting on the Diwali Capsule collection, could you share the deeper inspiration behind it? How did the cultural richness of Diwali intertwine with your creative vision?

SC: Jimmy Choo is glamour at heart and our creations always stand out as a celebration, Diwali is a fantastic inspiration for Jimmy Choo to celebrate light, bringing to life a selection of exclusive styles.

ELLE: Capturing the spirit of celebration and tradition, how have these iconic designs like Bing, Love, and the new Saeda Sandal Platform evolved in the Diwali Capsule collection?

SC: You can always find light in every Jimmy Choo shoe and bag; light is an intrinsic element of Jimmy Choo. I wanted our optimism to radiate further by giving new lights to these iconic styles using new shades of colours and fabrics exclusive to the Diwali capsule, thinking of different women and their relationship with their favourite style.

ELLE: How do you perceive fashion as an art form, particularly in the context of creations like the Diwali Capsule? How does storytelling influence your designs?

SC: I always try to tell a story for every collection and guide everyone to live that story, making it a life with the context of a woman at that moment. Diwali is bringing further joy and light to our overarching desire to deliver glamour and optimism to everyone. 

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