Elevate Your Dining Experience With Joshi House’s Exquisite Menu

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What if we said that you need don’t need to visit Rajasthan to get the feel of its architecture and cuisine? You can just head to Joshi House to experience Rajasthani hospitality. The brain-child of restaurateur Suren Joshi and architect Ashiesh Shah, the beautiful abode offers a world cuisine menu that pairs well with delectable wine cocktails. The peaceful and gentle environs of this all-white marble space make its guests feel luxurious. “I want people to feel safe eating out, despite all that is going on right now, I want them to feel at ease at Joshi House, as if they have come to my home,” says Suren Joshi.

Joshi House is a timeless refuge, nestled in the most renowned streets of Pali Hill, Bandra, the bohemian suburb of Mumbai. Taking you on a journey through the old courtyards of Rajasthan, the theme based ‘private rooms’ that spread across the two storey bungalow come together to celebrate craftsmanship through hand-carved columns, impeccably detailed railings and hand-cut mirrored ceilings, honouring the philosophies of wabi-sabi through a juxtaposition of perfect imperfection. From a monochromatic dining area to a gypsy courtyard, silver room to a black and white bar lounge, the interior setting plays with the minimal aesthetic paired with a riot of colour, an entirely new avatar!

At Joshi House, each room is based on a unique concept and yet they are connected with the same overarching theme of being an urban nomads royal living space. Diners are welcomed with warmth leading to an open-space with marble interiors. The menu is crafted to take the guests on an exhilarating sensory adventure and staying true to the theme combining a variety of cuisines and featuring your all-time favourites from around the world, yet beautifully intertwining these diverse flavours and dishes on the same menu.

Choose from plenty of options complementing each other and appeasing your palette. The menu comprises Vegan Young Coconut and Heart of Palm Ceviche, a classic Butter Chicken, Portobello Mushroom Sliders to a Salmon and Ponzu and not to mention the Rajasthani Laal Maas Shanks, and Kheema Kachori–we’re sold! 

You cannot miss the wine cocktails featuring local ingredients like Curry Leaves delicately infused with White Wine, Kaffir Lime and Pineapple with Sparkling Wine and even a mix of Hazelnut, Vanilla and Apple Juice combined with some bubbles. These are sure to take you by surprise!


Joshi House serves as a sophisticated dining experience for offering a memorable time with your loved ones. It has a mix of outdoor and indoor seating with a capacity of 90 guests. 

Address: 602, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Mumbai- 400050

Contact: 9220081888

Instagram: @joshihouse

Timings: 12PM- 1 30 AM


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