Julia Fox’s Eccentric Style Makes It Impossible To Look Away

julia fox

Julia Fox – the name conjures up images of a woman whose sartorial experiments have us staring and inspired in equal measure. Her celebrity status grew exponentially after her short but intense coupling with Kanye West that ended last year pretty much as quickly as it started. But hey, she had us hooked.  She quickly learned how to engage audiences and capture people’s attention. 

In the past few months, her appearance on our timelines have gotten more frequent and each time, she’s made us stop and stare. You may not always agree with her style choices, you have to admit that she just exudes the kind of energy that makes you want to look at her. No matter what she chooses to wear, she executes her ideas with confidence and knows just how to be the centre of attention.

Whenever there has been a noteworthy event in 2022, we trusted Julia Fox to showcase something new, perhaps outlandish but always interesting. Where others feel they need to adhere to a certain unwritten fashion dos and don’ts, Julia Fox couldn’t care less, she’s pretty much flung the rule book out. 

It’s easy for the public to write Julia Fox off as just another indie actress trying to push her name in the mainstream media by using shock value to her advantage, she has time and again admitted via her social media that she knows this is some people’s opinion but she doesn’t care how she is perceived as long as she’s being talked about. You have to respect her honesty.

If you don’t see the appeal or simply haven’t had a close enough look, here are some of the fearless actress’ most unique outfits.

This is one of the most memorable looks of the year so far. Everything from the bag to the Alexander Wang boots look fabulous together. Yes, it seems like a bunch of jeans were cut up and converted to high-waist to low-rise and then used the bits as a crop top, but hey, it’s got you talking about it. 

Not only did Julia do this but she also posted a tutorial for those who wanted to follow in her footsteps. She is truly for the people and they’re enjoying every minute of it.

Julia Fox and full leather outfits are a match made in heaven. It’s been a while since someone has been brave enough to embrace the fabric so devotedly. She never waivers from being as offbeat as possible which one can see in this outfit worn by her at the Oscars after-party.

Wearing the “Grip” dress by Han Kjøbenhavn, a German designer, and pairing it with a clutch that is literally made of human hair, she lived in everyone’s minds rent-free for days after the event was over.

Another example of how leather and Julia Fox go together like cookies and cream; you just can’t go wrong with the combo. I know if I had the budget and if the weather in Mumbai wasn’t always resembling that of a deep corner in hell, this outfit would be on top of my wishlist. Now all I need is an invite to a social event that is actually worthy of wearing it to.

This coat on Julia looks like the Matrix jacket on steroids from the front. You have to admire her commitment. From the boots to the bleached eyebrows, it seems like she really went all out on this one. I don’t fully understand it but I love it nonetheless, much like the aforementioned movie.

I saved the best for the last. The cream slip dress is such a simple choice compared to the ones she is usually seen adorning. However, she just cannot get herself to part with the leather boots and these kinds are the ones that make us question her podiatry health. Still, everything about this ensemble is a testament to her ability to keep her newfound audience entertained.

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