JW Marriott Goa Showcases Goa Beyond The Beaches. Everyone Needs This Tropical Escape

JW Marriott Goa Vagator

JW Marriott Goa is located on the bustling street lined with bars and curio shops leading up to Vagator beach. But it’s not on the beach. You know then that the property has their work cut out for them. With tourists flocking to Goa to spend days on the beach, sprawled on their beach towel, soaking up some sun, how do you impress guests? With unparalleled service, unbeatable luxury and carefully curated experiences. This is precisely what sets JW Marriott Goa apart. They check all the boxes, giving you a tropical escape you crave when you go to Goa while offering uncompromising luxury.


The rooms at the JW Marriott Goa are modern and sophisticated, boasting of the latest amenities- think lights controlled by buttons, an in house coffee maker and much more. The beds are inviting and comfortable, so that you sink into them, hitting the snooze button several times before you finally stumble out of bed, feeling refreshed. The balcony allows for lots of natural light to stream in. The bathroom has lots of glass doors, and a huge tub which I soaked in for several hours before I was told that the water had run cold. It was very relaxing.

The rooms here all feature balconies, each one offering space for you to sit down with anyone travelling with you and chat about nothing and everything. I was particularly drawn to this area, and often ventured out staring at tree tops despite it being eye watering-ly hot and humid.


The dining spaces at JW Marriott Goa are a wonderful amalgamation of well-loved staples and innovative dishes. The JW Kitchen will quickly find a following – this is where dishes of every kind are served, each delicately flavoured and delicious. The breakfast buffet here had the usuals- a station to get your eggs made to order, dosas that you can customise etc. But it also had a juice station where you could ask the server to whip up a fruit juice with any fruit you want. There was fresh coconut water being served and I had several of these. And the station that I was stalking at one point has to be where the chef was serving up avocado toast and you could choose the toppings. I asked for generous helpings of feta and olives but the creamy avocado was truly the hero of the dish.

If you’re staying at the JW Marriott Goa or just visiting, you simply must go experience Agua. This is the poolside restaurant and bar with a menu that’s perfect for quick bites. We lounged in this area all day long, sipping on cocktails, stretching out on the loungers and then getting into the pool for a quick dip before venturing out to try practically everything on the menu. That it was an infinity pool offering expansive views of Goa didn’t hurt one bit.

Perola is the cafe at the property and its the perfect pit stop for quick bites. Sandwiches and paninis feature prominently here. And while each of these are fabulous, I strongly recommend the flaky, buttery croissant that had me abandoning the cutlery to tear off pieces and have it melt in my mouth.


The spa at the JW Marriott Goa is a haven of peace and relaxation. The staff has a tone so soothing, I want them to be in ASMR videos. Once they’ve consulted with you, you’re offered a menu of treatments to choose from. Be warned, each of them is tempting and while you might suggest that your therapist massage you for 4 hours straight, this is neither possible nor recommended – might raise a few eyebrows in fact. I tried the Deep Tissue massage and at several points, alarmed my masseuse by snoring loudly. I walked out feeling the good kind of wobbly, like my limbs didn’t belong to me.

JW Marriott Goa is the kind of escape all of us crave, nay need. Also, the beach is a mere stone’s throw away, so if you do crave the sand on your toes, you can head there in a jiffy. Headed to Goa? Check yourself in.

I don’t only explore beach properties, I go to the Himalayas as well. I tried out the offering at the Westin. 

- Digital Editor


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