Sumona Bose Introduces Us To K18—The Innovative And Highly Effective Hair Damage Reversal Range

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A risqué cut or a fresh colour—no hair experiment ever goes unpunished. The aftercare of chemical treatments calls for keen attention to your hair health. With chemical usage causing damage to the hair shaft, the need for a good repair system is high. But damage repair often comes with a price—and in the haircare world, it’s an inflated one! The potent formulations target quick and efficient repair; but for a hair colour fanatic like me, it’s often unapproachable. That is, until I tried the K18Peptide Molecular Repair Service!

Featuring a 2-step process, the treatment consists of the K18 Professional Hair Mist and the K18 Professional Hair Mask. The biologically active peptide formulation mimics the natural structure of the hair. It is a wash-proof formula; which means the actives truly stay in you without being stripped away by traditional hair care products. Your hair is first prepped with the mist to strengthen, thus also safeguarding it against chemical use. Post-shampoo, the mask is massaged in on towel-dried hair. This helps repair any damage that may have been caused during the salon service. Both the treatments need four minutes to activate and work their magic. The power duo kicks into action by opening up the cuticle layer to penetrate hair‘s cortex and hone in on damage sites. The mask then closes the cuticle and seals in the peptide, with added lightweight conditioning to smooth it out. 


A single session claims to restore 91 per cent of hair’s original strength and 94 per cent of its original elasticity. And while I am too hopeless at math to test numbers, the look of my hair did significantly improve. Delivering on all accounts, the K18 range promises to claim its spot as a mainstay in my haircare routine. 

In fact, the K18 mask can also be used at home to help restore hair health. The ingredients work well to help your hair find its bounce and shine.


Style Director

Jean-Claude Biguine Salon and Spa India 

“K18 is professional unique designed repair formula for all type of hair to live without boundaries.”


Creative Artist

Looks Salon

“I have got to say, that K18 is the godfather amongst all the other products.”

Sumona Bose

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