‘Kalp Haat’ By Saundh Narrates An Immersive Tale Of India’s Craft


A celebration of our country’s artistic heritage coupled with contemporary silhouettes, Saundh is a brand that understands the soul of the modern Indian woman. Inspired by the past to create for the future, every design collection narrates an immersive tale of India’s rich culture and craft traditions. This festive season, uncover the magic of a bygone era with Saundh’s new A/W collection, ‘Kalp Haat’.

Capturing the essence of a soul-stirring souk, ‘Kalp Haat’ is a confluence of the different forms of expression that tell the story of India. Follow the Saundh woman as she explores the ‘bazaar’ of emotions, colours and textures come to life on rich fabrics through digital iterations of classic motifs, surface ornamentation, traditional embroideries, and handcrafted embellishments.

Featuring five subcollections – Ganjifa, Thangka, Saura, Rogan, and Sohrai Khovar, the brand aims to reinterpret the lesser-explored heritage arts to make them relevant and luxurious in appeal for the modern woman. ‘Ganjifa’, the collection, features timeless silhouettes with digitally printed motifs inspired by the traditional hand-painted detailing seen on the playing cards of the royals.

The ‘Thangka’ collection explores resplendent eveningwear starring motifs and patterns drawn from the symbolic Buddhist art. It features hand-embellished textiles and intricate details like dabka, pearl embellishment, and handcrafted tassels.

Taking inspiration from the flamboyant tribal art form from eastern India, the ‘Saura’ collection celebrates digitally printed art highlighted with intricate details like gota applique, handcrafted tassels, and thread embroidery.

Diving into the history and folk culture of the Kutch region, the ‘Rogan’ collection inspired by the paintings brings to life the motifs–geometric flowers, peacocks, the tree of life on luxurious fabrics and festive silhouettes.

Lastly, the ‘Sohrai Khovar’ collection inspired by the traditional art form depicting flora and fauna features bold digital prints highlighted with delicate mirror work and intricate thread embroidery.

“This season is all about joy, celebrating everyday moments. Our design stories reflect the culture and artistry of our heritage and come across very strongly in the print story for AW’21. A confluence of cultures, colours, and craft stories as contemporary fashion. says Mr Sarabjeet Saluja, Founder & CEO, Saundh. “We all have missed travel the most and this festive season we celebrate the wanderlust with the tales of Kalp Haat.”

- Digital Writer


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