Kameko Tarnez’s film “Protector of The Gods,” A Female Nubian Egyptian Trilogy, Secures An Impressive Investment Of $210 Million USD


Kameko Tarnez, and his renowned company, Archrok Entertainment, have successfully secured an impressive  $210 million USD to fuel the monumental Nubian Egyptian film trilogy, “Protector of the Gods.” This  investment comes in addition to the film’s initial $90 million budget. The trilogy, set against an afro-futuristic  backdrop, promises to transport audiences into the mesmerizing world of ancient Egypt while offering a fresh  perspective on the captivating tales of Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra.

Hollywood’s esteemed actor and  politician, Hill Harper (renowned for his role in ABC’s The Good Doctor), and the talented actress/singer,  Rhonda Ross (daughter of Diana Ross and entertainment mogul Berry Gordy), serve as executive producers for  the films. The film’s writer-director, Kameko Tarnez, has collaborated with many music icons, including the  late Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Grace Jones, and more. These collaborations led him to meet billionaire  investment partners who supported his decision to step away from the music industry and focus on creative  projects behind the scenes. Kameko states, “I will definitely be releasing music in the near future, but right now  my focus is on my upcoming film and TV projects!” 

Archrok Entertainment is also embarking on an exciting new chapter by relocating its office headquarters to  Dubai. This strategic move aligns with the company’s vision of establishing film and recording studios across  Africa, as reported by Business Insider in December 2022. Kameko Tarnez explains, “Archrok aims to tap into the diverse talent and rich cultural heritage of the continent. This expansion presents an opportunity to  collaborate with local artists and storytellers, fostering an exchange of ideas and perspectives that will bring a  unique authenticity to our projects.” The first 100,000 sq ft film/music production studio is currently being built in Ghana. 

This represents a significant step forward for Archrok Entertainment as they continue to expand their influence  and presence in the global entertainment industry. More details about the recent $210 million investment,  deals, and music will be revealed in Kameko’s upcoming docuseries, as announced by E! News. 

For more information about Archrok Entertainment, visit www.archrokent.com, or to join the Kameko Tarnez Email list by visitwww.kamekotarnez.com.

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