Kasturi Kundal’s New Collection ‘Tilism’ Is An Ode To The Magic Of Benaras


Rooted in tradition and slow fashion, yet experimental with their design approach, Kasturi Kundal is a brand that specializes in heirloom pieces. With a larger goal of reviving ancient handweaving and handcrafting techniques of India and empowering artisans, they work with diverse weaving clusters from various regions including Bengal, Banaras, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana. Being a luxury handwoven sari and authentic handicraft label, Kasturi Kundal is for those who appreciate and value art through the ages. Their new collection ‘Tilism’ is an enchanting collection of handcrafted saris that evoke the magic and mysticism of the Banaras city.

Kasturi Kundal

Paying homage to the enigma of true Banarasi weaves, the breathtaking colour palette and purist brocade work are what make this collection ethereal. Reviving age-old weaving techniques, the line is a symphony of India’s rich artistic heritage. One of the most regal Indian woven art forms since time immemorial, Banarasi saris are the perfect heirlooms to pass on to future generations. The harmonized layering and intricate detailing coupled with timeless silhouettes make ‘Tilism’ perfect to adorn for the festive season. Weaving techniques like Ektara and Tanchhoi make the saris lightweight and the contemporary motifs add to the grace.

Along with the exquisite saris, Kasturi Kundal has launched its new segment ‘Noor’ that features long Banarasi jackets woven in different kinds of techniques like Fekwa, Kadhua, Brocade, and Tanchhoi. Using fabrics like satin and silk, and experimenting with various kinds of sleeves, the jackets are perfect to up the glam quotient of your traditional attire.

With a mission to preserve and carry forward the legacy of our Indian heritage, Kasturi Kundal delivers pure, unmatched variety, quality, and innovation with each one of their elegant pieces. This season, invest in the opulence of the luxury Banarasi weaves with Kasturi Kundal’s ‘Tilism’, for one generation to wear and future generations to inherit.

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