Kate Hudson’s Secret To Plumper, Brighter Skin Lies In This Mask

Kate Hudson Juice Beauty

Trust her for her reel lessons on romance and relationships, and her real-life skin secrets! Ladies, it’s Kate Hudson finally letting us on to her secret to glowing and plumper-looking skin. Kate who’s an avid advocate of clean beauty, started her quest for the same almost 15 years ago when she met the founder of Juice Beauty, Karen Behnke.

The brand has finally launched its most sought-after product – Kate Hudson X Juice Beauty Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powder Mask – infused with the actor’s favourite skincare ingredients and led by the brand’s advanced and innovative product development. 

Juice Beauty entered the Indian beauty market only last year making it a relatively new entrant in the exploding beauty scene. The brand has launched the powder mask this week and we have exclusive insights on the product’s launch, conceptualisation, and brand’s association with Kate Hudson. ELLE India spoke to Karen to get the latest update on the launch.

ELLE: Tell us about associating with Kate Hudson for this product launch?

Karen: Kate and I have a history of mutual admiration. I introduced Kate to Juice Beauty and the clean beauty movement 15 years ago. She started using Juice Beauty products in her daily regime, and since then we planned on working together to create something exclusive under the brand.  

ELLE: How do the ingredients work for varied Indian skin types?

Karen: With antioxidants and high-tech plant powders, this powder mask hydrates and clarifies the skin while keeping it smooth and radiant. Indian skin types are typically less hydrated due to the hot and humid weather for the most part of the year; sodium hyaluronate in the mask is highly effective for keeping the skin hydrated.

Other important ingredients include Rose Petal powder, which is high in vitamin C and helps brighten the skin; Illite and kaolin clay, organic grape skin and olive leaf powder, which gently cleanses while minimising the visibility of pores and providing antioxidant-rich nourishment. The Indian skin is more prone to tanning and this mask will help tone and clear the tanning with Rich Acacia, an antioxidant that helps to lock in moisture and prevent tanning to give a glowing complexion.

ELLE: How is this product different from the others available in the same category?

Karen: Indians easily whip up a face mask using the ingredients available in their kitchen. It is because the ingredients in our kitchen are organic, fresh, and preservative-free as well as a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Also, there are no side effects, usually. Keeping all of the above factors in mind, our Rose Powder mask is a meticulously-crafted vegan product with all-natural and organically-grown ingredients. These ingredients deliver long-lasting and effective results over a homemade mask. Moreover, Juice Beauty’s chemists work hard at having the highest tech, scientific but pure organic ingredients products, for instance, the brand has perfected using low-molecular-weight sodium hyaluronate which helps replenish skin’s moisture content.

The USP of this product lies in its antioxidant-rich ingredients like organic grape skin and olive leaf powder that provide the skin with nourishment to fight free-radical damage for a youthful appearance.

Want to get your hands on it, buy the product here.

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