Katrina Kaif shuts down Ranbir Kapoor’s sad attempt at mansplaining


Mansplain (verb): To explain something to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

The year is 2017, we thought that we’d have established the basics of feminism by now, but every once in a while, there comes a pop culture faux pas that makes you want to go to back to the drawing board again and start with the alphabet. Today’s quick crashcourse in feminism comes courtesy of Ranbir Kapoor, who took it upon himself to explain Katrina Kaif’s character to her during an interview for their upcoming release, Jagga Jasoos.

Having to work in close proximity with your ex can be tough. Having said ex finish your sentences for you, well… Katrina was done.

It happened when the duo sat down for an interview for MTV’s Bollywood chat show, MTV Insider, with VJ Zerxes. On being asked about her character in the film, Katrina managed to get in, “I think both (Jagga and Shruti) are very unusual, but at the same time, they are not perfect…” before Ranbir unceremoniously dived in adding, “But it’s not treated as a romantic film. The romance comes from them being polar opposites. And she treats him like a kid, like he knows nothing,” he explained over her.

“And in real life, he treats me like a kid, like I know nothing,” she clapped back, before adding, “You do realise you’re talking about my character while I’m sitting right here?” Rather than hastily Googling the term mansplaining, Ranbir defended himself by explaining that he was the producer and wanted to explain the character better.

Commence, the eye roll to end all eye rolls.


We’ll say it again louder, for the people in the back: As an actress who has spent the better part of the past two decades in the industry, maybe, just maybe, we trust Katrina Kaif to be capable of completing her own sentences. Just maybe.

Check out the entire video here

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