ELLE Exclusive: Kendall Jenner On Beauty, Her Acne Journey, And The Force of Strong Women Coming Together


I wore my best makeup to interview the supermodel and businesswoman, Kendall Jenner. I had smokey eyes on and the reason I am going into the specifics of my look is hidden in one of the questions I asked Kendall. However, her answer bears testimony to why she is widely popular.

Kendall, who has walked the ramp for every major designer and boasts of a whopping 294 million following on Instagram, has recently been chosen as L’Oréal’s Global face of the brand and walked the ramp for Walk Your Worth with multiple celebrities. Before the show, she spoke to us about everything about beauty and what it means to be a part of the campaign with huge social appeal.

 ELLE: Which is one makeup aesthetic that suits you the best?

 Kendal Jenner (KJ): I always gravitate towards less is more. I love a naturally enhanced, natural beauty look. I love glowy skin, blush, bronzer and strong lips. I feel my best with natural beauty, no-makeup makeup look is my favourite. 

 ELLE: You’ve been upfront about your acne journey. Is there any skincare routine that you now religiously follow?

 KJ: I’ve had a long journey with acne and my journey with it is not over by any means, although it’s gotten a lot better. What works for me may not work for others because every skin is so different. For me, at least, ‘less is more’ has always been the approach.

 Knowing what makeup works for your skin is also really important because people can have allergies to certain products. Keeping your skin clean is critical. Now my acne journey over the last, maybe, four years has been about maintaining scars and dark marks because I do have some scarring and that’s been a long process as well. I’ve overcome that with (a lot of) serums and hydration. I feel lucky to be at the place that I’m at right now; although the journey is probably never going to be over for me, I have come to a steady place in life with it. 

 ELLE: You just mentioned being comfortable with ‘less is more’. Have you ever tried a wild, out-of-comfort-zone makeup look?


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 KJ: I have pretty big eyes, but I’ve never really loved a dark heavy eye, a black smokey eye or a really big eyeliner. I think it’s fun for a show and of course, when I’m showing up for Donatella Versace and she wants me to put a massive eyeliner on, I do it all day long. However, it’s always been something that I never felt was ‘me’.

 I wore the same eye look for the last Versace show that I did, and even though I was not expecting to like it on me, I thought it was great and looked cool. I believe it comes with different moments in life but I never loved it. You can see this within my history of makeup and on red carpets, I don’t love a black smokey eye on myself, but it works beautifully on other people. 

 ELLE: What does the phrase ‘Walk Your Worth’ mean for you?

 KJ: ‘Walk Your Worth’ is powerful and empowering. It’s a representation of the fact that we’re all worth it and that women are strong and worthy of all things beautiful in life. It’s amazing to have powerful women come together and represent that ideology and I’m happy to be a part of it. 

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