ELLE Exclusive: Khushi Kapoor Is The Face of the Brazilian Body Care Brand Sol De Janeiro


A fresh and dynamic face has emerged to speak to her Gen Z fanbase about the brand that’s on all our wishlists–Khushi Kapoor is the new face of Sol De Janeiro India (available exclusively at Nykaa). The iconic Brazillian body care brand is known for its cult offerings of delectable scents and luscious creams; case in point their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Brazillian Crush Cheirosa 62. So, with her youthful charm, Khushi Kapoor perfectly encapsulates the vibrant language of Sol De Janeiro.

In conversation with ELLE India, the rising star speaks about body care being part of her self-care ritual and shares her favourites from the band. Read on.

ELLE: Tell us about your association with SDJ.

Khushi Kapoor (KK): Sol de Janeiro is one of my favourite body care brands. I have been using their products for years now and I am hooked. It’s always great to work with brands I personally use because it brings a completely different energy to the collaboration.

My collaboration with Sol de Janeiro will be all about spotlighting how good the brand is to beauty lovers here in India and why my personal favourite body care brand should now be your must-have too. P.S. I am addicted to Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream!

ELLE: How did you decide to take up a body care brand for the endorsement?

KK: I feel we neglect body care quite a bit. For me, it is a priority and I take my moisturising and long baths seriously. I cannot end my day without stepping in the shower, and on some days when I have the time, I indulge in my favourite body scrub. With this collaboration, I want everyone to take up body care and make it a part of their self-care ritual.

I know how a good body ritual makes me feel, and I want everyone else to feel rejuvenated and refreshed with Sol de Janeiro.

ELLE: What are your body care rituals?

KK: Cleanse, scrub and moisture always! As I said, the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub and  Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream are my ride-or-die. No matter where I am travelling to, I make it a point to always carry them with me. I can’t function without them

ELLE: What are your three beauty essentials that are always there in your bag?

KK: Definitely a lip balm, sunscreen and a hand cream.

ELLE: SDJ Bum Bum Cream or SDJ Body Mist?

KK: The Bum Bum cream always. I’ve seen such a visible difference in my skin texture while using it over the years so I’m definitely partial to the cream.

ELLE: If we raid your beauty closet, what will we find that you’re hoarding?

KK: Lip Balms! I think I have excessive amounts of lip balm in every bag and every corner of my house because I keep losing them and end up finding them much later.

ELLE: What’s your current favourite look?

KK: I really like the clean and minimalistic aesthetic lately, I’ve kind of been letting my skin breathe and sticking to a more neutral palette. Minimal and snatched is my go-to look currently.

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