ELLE Exclusive: In conversation With The Iconic K-Pop Subunit SISTAR19 About Their New Release ‘No More (Ma Boy)’

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There’s no bigger celebration for a K-pop stan than a comeback by their favourite idols and groups, especially those who have been away from their screens for a long time. And looking at 2024’s calendar, the fans are ready for some starry returns. This new year, joining the waggon is SISTAR 19, an iconic K-Pop duo from the early 2010s. Girl group SISTAR’s subunit, SISTAR19, will be entering their new musical era for the first time in 11 years.

For those who are new, SISTAR made their debut with Starship Entertainment in 2010 as a four-member K-pop group. Throughout their career, the girl group was hailed the summer queens of K-pop. They became a household name with songs like Loving U, Touch My Body, and Shake It before splitting up in 2017. The SISTAR-19 the subunit which features the OG members; fierce rapper Bora and vocal dynamo Hyolyn have graced their fans with some grooving music. With their upcoming release, SISTAR19, is promising a sultry listening experience. The duo’s last mini album EP, Gone Not Around Any Longer, was released on January 31, 2013. ELLE sat with the stars to chat everything the fans wanted to know before they hit the play button:

ELLE: Can you elaborate on the concept behind No More (Ma Boy)?

Bora: No More (Ma Boy) is an album we are releasing after a long time, and I can say that it embodies how SISTAR19 has matured. The title track expresses the sorrow of a breakup in a more dignified and calm manner.

Hyolyn: Our music video showcases a cowgirl concept! We thought about how we could show that SISTAR19 has come back after a long time, and I came up with the idea to engrave SISTAR19 on our outfits as a symbol, and I love how it came out.

ELLE: K-Pop has taken over the world; how do you feel it helps young singers back home to evolve, especially female artists like you?

Bora: I feel like K-Pop has truly made great progress as a whole, and I am proud of that. K-pop is getting a lot of love worldwide, as one of many K-pop singers, I would love to deliver even better music that makes a mark on the listeners.

Hyolyn: I love the fact that we are not only being evaluated for our music but also being loved for and becoming an influence for other non-music-related things such as fashion, taste, characters, and more stuff like that.

ELLE: How are you feeling about your musical comeback after 11 years?

Bora: The fact that we made a comeback after 11 years reminded me of old memories, and as much as I feel excited, I also feel worried and have a lot of thoughts crossing my mind. While getting ready for our comeback, the things I tried to focus on the most were the chemistry between Hyolyn and me and hoping the listeners enjoyed our songs.

Hyolyn: It was really fun to work together with Bora after performing as a solo artist for a long time, and I’m so excited for this album. The most important things for me are music and my mind. As a long-time artist, I thought that we should show musical maturity. We are the ones delivering the messages that the songs contain, and in order to properly deliver the messages, I think our attitude and mindset are extremely important.

ELLE: Did you guys feel any pressure for this big comeback?

Bora: It’s hard not to feel any pressure, but since it’s an album we are releasing after a long time, I would like to use this pressure to be even better and give an even better performance.

Hyolyn: I think it felt more like a burden than pressure, and I also felt worried. I wondered and am worried about whether we will be able to be loved a lot again and whether people will like it. But we are working hard and enjoying the process so that we can give a great performance on stage.

ELLE: How was the whole creative process while making the new album, especially the new tracks “No More (Ma Boy)” and “Saucy?”

Bora: There are two tracks on this album, and each track has different charms, which I think will be fun to listen to. No More (Ma Boy) will show the mature side of us, and Saucy also shows the mature side, but in a more witty and lovely way. Since the two songs have different charms, it was really fun to work on the album.

Hyolyn: Because I performed as a solo artist for a while, I had to think about the entire picture as a group, which is different from performing alone. I tried to be conscious and not miss that part as much as possible. I tried to put things together as much as possible so that SISTAR 19’s colour could show in our music and outfit theme. Our title track, No More, is a sequel to Ma Boy, and it’s an attractive track with a great hook that catches your ears. On the other hand, Saucy is a track that can show similar emotions as Ma Boy, and we wanted to show different colours and differentiate the two tracks.

ELLE: Your fans have waited so long for this comeback—any message for them?

Bora: I have missed you all so much, and I am always so thankful that you have been waiting for us like this. I hope our songs can help make the start of the new year filled with joy and happiness.

Hyolyn: Thank you so much for waiting so long for the SISTAR19 project. I hope you like this gift that we have prepared, and I hope it brings you all a special time.

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