Kriti Sanon Gives Bodycon Styling A Long-Awaited Glam Upgrade

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon’s style mantra is adored by many. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s easy to replicate, not too ostentatious for us non-celeb folks yet capable of making everyone re-look for the deets. One casual scroll through her gram yields two, very strong conclusions.

A) She loves bodycon silhouettes.
B) I love seeing her in bodycon silhouettes. 

The bodycon silhouette, synonymous with a figure-hugging, tight bandage cut, is a favorite amongst many, to this very day. Popularized by designer Hervé L. Leroux, bodycon dresses excited a furore back in the 90s. And no, the trend’s not vanishing anytime soon. Calling it a trend may as well be a disservice to the fashion gods seeing how it’s refused to trickle down for decades. 

Back to B-Town’s sartorial playground, it’s apparent that Kriti Sanon has been photographed donning multiple renditions of the said trend for a ton of events. Let’s take a look at some of her finest looks that have our stamp of approval.

A Cut Above 

An offering from the Norwegian fashion house Aadnevik, this sparkly black jersey gown was truly a show stopping piece for the award function gala. With a leather paneling that appears to be a flat pressed braiding on the neckline and waist, it was the strategically placed slit that brought the entire look together. And the elongated Bulgari Serpenti Viper necklace – a good call given the deep V neckline of the gown.

Blinding Bling


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This burnt red number by Surya Sarkar is every party girl’s dream personified. The construction was simple, a side waist tie-up detail and the good ol’ route of power shoulders. The red was not too red (bless the gods) and the shimmer not too shimmery. It’s easy for a combination like this to go haywire and then end up looking substandard. But that’s clearly not the case here. 

The Ruching Ruse

Papped for Rare London and styled by Sukriti Grover, Kriti really snapped with this one. Lens and all. The mid-calf midi length is a game changer and that my friends is a masterclass in how you ace a bodycon dress. Minis have sure had their moment but a well-cut midi often surpasses the latter.

On Wednesdays We Wear…

This blush-toned, sculptural gem is *drumroll please* an offering from the House of Aadnevik. Clearly a favorite of her stylist, the brand’s design signature seems to effortlessly fit Kriti Sanon’s sartorial persona. Spotlight on the draped bust cuppings and diamond shaped cutouts – lends ample oomph yet subtle.

High Priestess


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You’re right, this is not a ‘bodycon dress.’ One may characterize this outfit as a bodycon jumpsuit. Fitted to the T with not a single rumple or crease in sight. But the real star was the eggshell coloured cape attached all over, that extended straight onto the floor on either ends of her shoulders. A big win for the styling team.

Hip Hop Chic

This hot pink burly denim dress by Hiro is casual-core at its finest. Partitioned by a centrally placed zipper and a mild boning on either sides, the oversized sleeves with the dropped down detail vouch for well executed design thinking. 

Encrusted Enigma

This evening gown by Michael Cinco was a real delight and her armour of choice to this year’s IIFA awards. Adorned with a sweetheart neckline and a bedazzled ornamentation all over, the bodycon fitting was immaculate, courtesy good tailoring and that sheer panel on the side.  

Fuschia Flouce


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This House of Amen number cracks the code to reinterpreted silhouette inspiration. With minor tweaks like the cascading flounce on the one-shouldered hem and the side-seam, safe to say, the dress reforms how we look at body hugging silhouettes altogether. The added depth makes it flirty and fun with an added character which may not have been the case otherwise. 

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