La Mior Challenges The Mundane Notions Of Beauty With Their Innovative Makeup Products

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A regular day at the office began with my colleague opening all the PR packages she had gotten of newly launched makeup products. Upon first glance, I almost snatched what looked like a pretty paint tube from a box of goodies and was left in awe of its packaging. When I applied the product to my lips, I was stunned by its lightweight yet full-coverage formula. This was my first impression of the new homegrown brand La Mior.

La Mior is the brainchild of two engineers turned entrepreneurs, Aakriti and Shaunak Chhaparia, who wanted to offer their customers clean makeup products that are plant-based and vegan without compromising on product performance. Their aesthetically pleasing packaging and effective formulas aside, I was also intrigued by the innovation behind certain products like their pH Adaptive Lip Stains and Diamond Lustre Highlighter Palette.

So, to understand the thought behind the brand and how it plans to thrive in a competitive Indian beauty industry, ELLE India spoke with Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia, Co-Founder and President at La Mior.

ELLE: The Indian beauty space is filled with many homegrown makeup brands. What was your inspiration behind starting La Mior?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia (AJC): The inspiration behind starting La Mior was to introduce the concept of skincare-infused clean makeup in the Indian market. To ensure that we always deliver only the best quality and groundbreaking innovations, we have set up our own cosmetics manufacturing plant to reduce turn-around time for each product and its research and development. 

ELLE: Your brand packaging is aesthetically pleasing. Is there a specific reason you have focused so heavily on packaging?

AJC: We truly believe, as an organisation and a brand, that our customers deserve the best experience with our products in every way–be it product performance, packaging, ingredients or services. Product packaging is one of the most important factors as it prompts a customer to buy a product at first glance. Hence, for us, choosing aesthetically pleasing and functional packaging is as important as working on the best possible product formulation.

ELLE: On the brand’s website, it says that La Mior believes in challenging the mundane notions of beauty. Can you explain this further?

AJC: Beauty as a concept continually evolves with time and trends. Today, makeup is more than just the basic four products in your vanity. To some, it can be the means to feel more confident and beautiful, while for others it can be a way of expressing themselves. Always being ahead of trends and anticipating consumer preferences and innovation therefore becomes our forte. Hence, challenging the mundane notions of beauty.

ELLE: Out of your vast portfolio of face and body products, which are you most proud of and why?

AJC: We are proud of every product we have added to our portfolio over time. But if I had to choose one product, it’d be the Velvet Liquid Lipsticks. There was always something lacking in all the lipsticks I had tried in the Indian and overseas markets and I was not satisfied. For example, if the lipstick was transfer-proof, it would eventually settle in the fine lines of the lips and dry them out. If the lipstick had a non-drying formulation, it would just transfer and not be long-lasting.

So, we developed the Velvet Liquid Lipsticks with a comfortable, whipped formulation that does not budge. It also blurs out the lips and makes them look fuller. Not to mention, they’re super cute. The Velvet Liquid Lipsticks can truly do it all!

ELLE: Since the brand is based around clean and conscious beauty, what are some practices you follow in your daily life that are along the same lines?

AJC: As an individual, I have always believed in leading a balanced and holistic way of life. Since a very early age, my parents have played a huge role in introducing me to the importance of plants and herbs in our well-being. I eat a clean or a whole food-based diet on most days. I love local and homegrown fruits and vegetables. I also believe that nature has the power to heal and reset. So, whenever I feel anxious or overwhelmed, I go to a nearby garden or an open farm to relax.

ELLE: As a fairly new homegrown brand, what challenges have you faced during your journey?

AJC: Educating customers about the benefits of clean beauty and the fact that it does not trade product performance was one of the biggest challenges for us, initially.

ELLE: Can you tell us what’s next for the brand in terms of products and campaigns?

AJC: We have some super exciting launches planned for the festive season. Our next launch is going to be the Juicy Tinted Lip Oils which are ultra nourishing, lightweight and super pigmented. After that, we have planned the launch of innovative eye makeup products.

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