Lancôme Idôle: A Dreamy Role Model For The Modern Women


Lancôme’s Idôle is a modern, inclusive and honest scent that speaks to the new generation of women. Meticulously crafted by and for them, it is a celebration of their fearless spirit and courage. The Eau de Parfum has a fresh, floral and fruity fragrance with a zesty touch of bergamot–aptly depicting the spirit of modern women. Similarly, the face of the perfume, Zendaya, is a fitting example of a woman taking the lead and paving a path for herself.

Lancôme’s Idôle marks a defining moment in the fragrance industry, where beauty and empowerment converge.

The Notes

Giving the fragrance a rather refreshing edge are its top notes of bergamot essence and pear accord. With rose and jasmine at its heart, this feminine fragrance is fitting for every occasion. The flowers’ romantic nature adds a touch of sensuality and leads the modern woman down a path of self-discovery.

While jasmine imparts a sweet and intoxicating aroma, rose offers classic elegance to the fragrance. This harmonious blend creates a scent that lingers on the skin for several hours. As the aroma unfurls, whispers of sweet vanilla lace with this bouquet and cedarwood adds to it a comforting quality. White musk and patchouli ground the scent. This alignment gives this floral symphony velvety warmth and forms the body of the fragrance.

The Bottle


The journey of Idôle continues with its science-backed and eco-conscious ingredient sourcing, further reflecting Lancôme’s commitment to quality. Delicate hues of pink and salmon contrast with the bottle’s structural silhouette, making for an interesting juxtaposition.

It is, in fact, the slimmest bottle of perfume to have ever entered the fragrance market–making for a perfect on-the-go perfume!

The packaging also resembles the multi-faceted modern woman, who can, at the same time, be carefree and decisive. Each drop of Idôle represents the light of a new dawn – a new opportunity to unite again and build a better future.  

The Story

The fragrance is supported by visual storytelling showcasing Zendaya as a face of strength, confidence and grace. For GenZ and young millennials, she makes for the perfect role model. Her versatility and outspoken personality push modern women to be unapologetically themselves.

Zendaya is seen leading the way for her sisters, who are set to unleash their feminine energy in full force upon the world. Through powerful imagery, the campaign encourages women to take pride in their womanhood. The scent further promotes this message by reminding them to strive for the perfect balance of softness and strength. 

Lancôme, with its newest offering, has not only created an alluring fragrance but has also pushed the conversation towards a transformative movement – redefining the way we perceive and celebrate femininity. 

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