Lancôme’s Global Brand President Françoise Lehmann Takes Us Through The Brand’s Journey And One Of Its Most Iconic Launches Of The Year


With over 90 years in business, Lancôme is a luxury legacy brand that has celebrated many firsts in this burgeoning beauty industry. With the launch of Idôle, the brand has expanded its horizons to connect with Gen Z. In a freewheeling chat with Françoise Lehmann, we discover the brand’s vision and its journey so far.

ELLE: You’ve been building Lancôme for a decade now. Tell us about the journey that has created a loyal consumer base that, perhaps, no other brand enjoys.

Françoise Lehman (FL): Lancôme is present in more than 163 markets, with hundreds of millions of products sold worldwide. Lancôme stands for happiness, inspiring women to shine from the inside out by providing the best fragrance, skincare, makeup and cosmetic services in terms of quality, science and efficacy. One of its strengths is that Lancôme has always strived to capture modernity and diversity, staying relevant throughout the years.

ELLE: The recent launch, Idôle, comes with a distinctive message and strong storyline–modern, unique, and inclusive. Tell us about the thought process behind it.

FL: Lancôme addresses women of all ages and is a multigenerational and inclusive brand. Women who embody the brand are independent, strong and proud and have paved the path to their happiness. Lancôme has imagined its new fragrance in the wake of this contemporary femininity, especially in regards to Gen Z. For Gen Z, freedom is the key value to happiness, but they are very selective when opting for a brand, ensuring that it represents their values and is committed to sustainability. The brand has continued to follow its evolution and remains as close as possible to women’s aspirations of self-fulfilment.

ELLE: How do you ensure your vision aligns with the brand’s approach?

FL: What drives me daily is to develop the brand, having at heart the fundamental values of respect, sincerity and authenticity towards our consumers, offering them something new and inspiring that could enhance their life.

ELLE: Why do you think the brand needs a strong face like Zendaya to tell its story?

FL: Being the epitome of success and self-fulfilment, Zendaya is a living proof that believing in yourself will help you rise to the
top. Passing along her inspiring ideals, her committed stance is emblematic of her generation and the growing movement for empowerment that unites today’s young women. As the face of Idôle, Zendaya represents a new generation of women who use their success to inspire others and push limits.

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