Le Grand Mazarin Paris Promises A Luxurious Escape For Every Kind Of Traveller

Le Grand Mazarin FI

They say after you’ve travelled for very long, each hotel starts to look like the other- the names start blurring and you can’t really tell which one you checked out of without a glance at the baggage tag. With a sea of hotel openings on the anvil and interiors and decor that look like templates, there’s hardly anything on offer for the city traveller looking to soak up some culture.

Le Grand Mazarin looks to change that. The hotel, situated near the Seine, offers experiences steeped in the culture and ethos of Paris, the city beyond the Eiffel Tower. Designed by Martin Brudnizki, Le Grand Mazarin boasts of stand out decor, one that assimilates modern day functionality with French classicism. Elements of whimsical and warm interact here to create an ambience that appeals to the weary traveller and the history buff. The nooks and crannies at Le Grand Mazarin offers glimpses of the inherent culture of Paris. The hotel opens in 2023 and is sure to make it on everybody’s must stay list.

“I love the concept of the literary salon of yesteryear and this was one of the main sources of inspiration when designing Le Grand Mazarin. We wanted the hotel to feel as though it has always been a part of Le Marais’ landscape so we sought inspiration from the great houses of the aristocratic era, where figures from literature, art and music gathered in sumptuous residences, exchanging ideas and thoughts. Our concept of Le Grand Mazarin was to reignite this ambience for the modern day, where guests feel as though they have arrived home and have the freedom to express themselves.” says the website. The architectural concept is highlighted by the craftsmanship of The Living Heritage Company.

At the hotel, guests can enjoy a cheerful restaurant in continuous service, a bar where every evening is a new experience, a swimming pool for a relaxing dip after a long day, exemplary service, never stuffy but always attentive. Le Grand Mazarin is the kind of hotel you check into but never want to leave.

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