Let’s Pay Some Attention To Our Cuticles


Most of us indulge in a weekly skincare session, masking, exfoliating, the works. Our nails, on the other hand, receive little to no attention, often neglected until they threaten to play spoilsport in our otherwise perfectly planned aesthetic pictures. Your nails deserve some TLC and now is a good time as any to give them the pampering they need. And we suggest you start off by giving your cuticles some attention. Cuticles act as a shield, protecting your nails and the skin around them, making them integral to pulling off a great manicure.

Taking off old, chipped polish is important for a neat and finished look. The derelict remnants of past lacquer need to be done away with. Light filing and buffing make the nail bed of each finger smooth. For the cuticles, it’s important to soften and push them back so the nail polish application is perfect.

We get how annoying it is to add in lots of steps to your at-home mani sessions, but these hacks, products, and cuticle routine will ensure your talons are picture-perfect.

Here are 7 ways you can amp up your cuticle care regimen at home –

1. Cuticle Clippers To The Rescue

Don’t go ham with this tool, you just need to use it to take off any excess skin that may be hanging onto the bottom edge of your nail. This step should be looked into once the filing and buffing of your nails are complete. Use the nib to push back any excess skin, and gently pluck it out. We all know how irksome that little piece of extra skin can be but control your urge to rip it off with your teeth. It’s unsanitary and bad for your cuticles. Clip away instead. We recommend using Sephora’s cuticle clipper, the nib of the tool is not too sharp, making it just right to do the job but also preventing you from cutting too deep.

2. Shower Power

Use shower time to multitask during your DIY manicure. Dip your fingers into warm water for 2-3 minutes before hopping in. Ensure your cuticles are soft when you gently begin pushing them back in the shower’s warm water. Several manicurists swear by this method instead of cutting cuticles (which should be viewed as a last resort).

3. Sp-oil Your Cuticles

To really nourish and pamper your cuticles, use a blend of almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and Vitamin E in a small dropper (of equal amounts – 2ML each) and massage it in. Using this, you can push back your cuticles without any abrasive techniques. Apply the oil on each fingernail and let it sit for a few minutes before pushing back your cuticles. We recommend using Kama Ayurveda’s almond oil, and Juicy Chemistry’s jojoba oil as the 2 main ingredients in this composition.

4. Moisturise Away

If DIY is not your thing, opt for a product specifically suited to help sort out your cuticle issues. Massage a cuticle oil or moisturiser (People swear by L’Occitane’s shea nail and cuticle nourishing oil) deep into your cuticles and let it sit for about 2 minutes. We recommend not pushing your cuticles too much once this product is applied, and letting it do its job. Use this product every two days or daily for the best results.

5. Nail The Diet

A process not as quick as clipping away, but easily as (if not, more) effective. Your diet affects how your body looks and feels and what you eat greatly affects how your nails and cuticles look as well. Supplementing your existing diet with nutrient-rich foods that enrich, strengthen and harden your nails can make a world of a difference to your cuticles as well. Omega 3 is your best friend – it is found in fatty fish like salmon and trout, and in soy, walnuts and chia seeds as well. Don’t forget about your fruits and veggies, include these generously and you should have talons that don’t chip or break easily.

6. Buff Love

We recommend this process only if you see no other alternative. Though seemingly easy, buffing away your cuticles can be a tedious process and you have to be extremely careful to not accidentally buff away too much.. Use a buffer extremely gently, gliding it back and forth, to buff away any excess skin that may be hanging over the edge. We suggest you explore this option only if your cuticles are particularly stubborn and do not dissolve using any other techniques.

7. Dip Into Apple Cider Vinegar 

The multitasker ACV makes an appearance here as well. Dipping your fingernails into apple cider vinegar for 5 minutes can help soften your cuticles enough to push them back. In addition to cuticle health, this product also aids in hardening your nails.

Photos : Pexels

- Beauty Contributor

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