Levi’s 501® Jeans Celebrates 150 Years Of Iconic Style With New Fits Including A Hindi 501®

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If there is one fashion piece that will never be a fad, it is undoubtedly the iconic pair of Levi’s 501®. Having conquered the hearts and closets of fashion lovers, their jeans have earned their legendary status throughout history – well 150 years now to be exact. Coming a long way from back in 1873, when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss had just dropped the patent for copper rivets on work pants, to now a century and a half later, their denim are still breaking the boundaries and turning heads in fashion runways and streets alike. 

Owing to the brand’s innovative genes (the pun was very much intended) Levi’s family eventually expanded beyond their original masterpiece. They went on to introduce popular fits such as the new 501® ’54, 501® ’81, and more versions of the iconic 501®. And today, 150 years later, the 501® is still rocking the GOAT status like no other, being a timeless symbol of style and self-expression that has been defying the whole concept of trends

To celebrate the monumental 150th-anniversary of the 501®, Levi’s® is now introducing a new range of fits for all which are a fusion of heritage and innovation, and a true celebration of diversity and individuality. From limited-edition International 501® Jean, banner prints, and colors to a special Levi’s x Deepika Padukone 501® Jean which is exclusively available in India, this anniversary collection is their ultimate mic drop moment.

Nothing like the Classic

They’re pulling out all the stops to honour the legendary 501® jeans as a worldwide sensation by introducing the limited-edition International 501® rigid Shrink-to-Fit™ selvedge jeans, available for all genders. When it comes to creating an iconic look, every detail counts. The brand knows this well as these jeans include their best style elements and feature all components from the iconic red tab to the sleek rivets, leather patch, and those cool pocket flashers translated into six different languages. 

While the limited-edition 501® jean with detailing in Hindi is for us, there are ones where all these components have also been translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, or Simplified Chinese. It’s like a fashion passport that speaks to the global language of style. These unique accents are more than just a design choice. They’re a tribute to the worldwide love for these iconic jeans.

The Age of Icons

The brand’s iconic collaborations with Deepika are already loved by many but the new Levi’s x Deepika Padukone 501® Edition is about to redefine casual denim fashion. It is now available in a stunning deep brown hue that exudes unparalleled sophistication. These jeans feature unique tonal embroidery on the back pockets, adding a touch of elevated style and when paired with the matching 90’s trucker Jacket, you get a look that emanates fashion authority.


A statement of self-expression

Levi’s is bringing in the head-to-toe looks of its hero banner print inspired by its rich heritage and vintage dry goods signage from the ‘30s to the ‘50s. The vibrant colors of these new prints proudly pop, helping you to make a bold fashion statement that speaks volumes about your self-expression. You can get creative with your layering or simply pair them with a classic 501® Original and presto! You’re all set to take things to a whole new level of cool. 

For the bold ones who love the burst of optimistic colors in their wardrobe, the exuberant range of dyed 501® is a must-have. These jeans are made for the daring souls who fearlessly rock their own style and enjoy shining in the spotlight. There is something for ‘Shorts-lovers’ too. Levi’s® has got you covered with some cool additions to their shorts collection. Guys are going to love the ’93 cut-off and Original Shorts that gives a laid-back and chill vibe.  And ladies, you have a stunning choice in the ’90s and Mid-Thigh shorts that you can pair with a gorgeous top or even an oversized t-shirt to rock the whole effortlessly stylish look.

With their perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style, Levi’s jeans become a part of your story, evolving and aging alongside you, making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Celebrate the 150 years of denim legacy with a pair of your favourite Levi’s. Check out the collection Here.

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