6 Wellness And Lifestyle Youtubers To Subscribe to RN

Lifestyle Youtubers

Mindlessly scrolling through YouTube and falling into a rabbit hole of DIYs and celebrity gossip – doesn’t it sound like a daily routine for most of us, especially after the pandemic? It’s no different for me! From binging on makeup tutorials to engaging in self-care and mental health content, I now desperately wait for ‘new episodes’ to drop. For someone who is constantly looking for creators who offer relatable content when it comes to fitness and food, I understand finding channels that pique your interest can be a little tough. To help you get started, here’s a list of six wellness and lifestyle YouTubers that have me hooked since day one! 

1. Nicole Rafiee 

From a bunch of fun hairstyles and skincare videos to our all-time favourite mental health talks with LED lights on (It’s a thing if you didn’t know), Nicole Rafiee is one of the best lifestyle YouTubers you can put on your radar. Known for her god-tier music taste and relatable personality, Nicole also started her own podcast channel during the pandemic, called ‘Talk Nasty To Me’ where she talks about overcoming life struggles and her obsession with Julian Casablancas. Talk about a win-win?

2. Oh No Nina

If you’re looking for wholesome content ranging from aesthetic lifestyle vlogs to thrift and manga hauls, Oh No Nina is the right pick for you! Run by Nina Yu with over 1.01 Million subscribers on her youtube channel, it is a perfect space for anyone who is looking for some inspiration on room makeovers and even anime recommendations. From moonchild aesthetic makeup tutorials to Korean fashion style swaps, no topic is off-limits here!

3.  Lavendaire

This is for all those looking to engage in conversations on self-love and holistic healing. Aileen Xu produces a bunch of youtube shorts on healthy routines you should incorporate into your daily life, self-reflection, and meditation videos. She aims to inspire people around the world through her knowledge on yoga practices and essentialism. She releases a new video every week.

4. Yasmin Karachiwala

What’s better than learning fitness hacks directly from the celebrity fitness trainer? For anyone interested in exploring the fitness landscape, don’t forget to check out Yasmin Karachiwala’s youtube channel. It is for those who are keen on learning about healthy recipes and exercises that will help you with fitness goals. Yasmin has become one of the most renowned names in the fitness industry and is someone you need to add to your subscription tab RN!

5. Ankita Chaturvedi

With a bunch of makeup hacks to complete lowdowns on simple skincare routines, Ankita Chaturvedi has become one of the most inspiring lifestyle and beauty content creators on YouTube. Other than creating budget-friendly makeup content, Ankita also gives product reccos for every category. She has been in the business for eleven years now and is set to create a beauty community that is inclusive and diverse!

6. Nisha Vora

This one is for the foodies! Known for her scrumptious vegan recipes, Nisha’s YouTube videos are perfect for people trying to adapt to a vegan lifestyle. We definitely wouldn’t want you to miss out on a bunch of cooking secrets, paired with a super engaging personality that will get you hooked to cooking.

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