Pucker Up Ladies! These Lip Trends Are Going To Be A Rage In 2022

Lip Trends 2022

We often focus so much on the eyes nowadays, a direct effect of this mask-wearing era that we forget that the lips play a crucial role in bringing a makeup look together. Let’s be honest, no beauty product stands a chance in front of a strong lippy. And in 2022, many lip trends are making a comeback, just in time for restrictions to ease up and give us more freedom to sport a bold pout. Here’s our lowdown for the lip trends that’ll be EVERYWHERE this year –

1. Shape Me Up, Contour Me Out


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Contoured lips can help plump out a whole pout, with different shades making your lips look way more defined. It dominated most of 2021, and early 2022 made us believe it wasn’t going anywhere this year either. You can keep your contoured lip up to date by using moisturising satin lipstick to finish over a matte base. Look for plumping liners in the shade you like to create the perfectly contoured pout.

2. Let’s Diffuse This, And Circle Back


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It started with K-Pop, now we’re here. A cute, minimalistic take on stained lips, diffused lips are inspired by Asian culture, with concentrated soft stains fading towards the edges. If you’re looking for a simple look, instead of all the hard-hitting glam, this could be your way to go.

3. Glaze Me Like A Doughnut


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I always get so excited when glossy textures make a comeback. The glaze and that *shine* on top of strong colour, or even a nude tint, gives you all the glam you need with two seconds worth of effort. Paying homage to the 2000s, the glazed look makes a comeback as masks are lowered more often. A strong liner supports this look, ensuring no colour goes outside the defined lines.

4. Glitter, Glitter, Glitter, Girls, Girls, Girls

Okay, that’s enough TikTok for one day. Tiny specs of sparkle add so much charm to a look; it’s almost magnetic! There are also a more statement way of wearing this tint – a loud base with matching glitter or a clear moisturising gloss with speckles of glitter coating it (Barbie vibes FR, amiright?).

5. Gradients Of The Galaxy


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A strong lip liner plays an important role in this look, and finding two colours that may be complementary – that’s going to take some work. The gradient lip look can also be an ombrè of two very different colours. Don’t be afraid of playing around with some colours – it only gets more fun when you give that 10-year-old sitting inside you a chance to live out their wildest dreams.

6. Colour Pop Central


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We all need a pop of colour to lift our mood sometimes! What better feature to highlight with that colour than your ever luscious lips? Pink, bright orange, blood red, the list goes on. Personally, I feel like there’s so much you can do when you add a bit of vibrancy to your ensemble. It can lift a seemingly demure outfit in a second and make you go from drab to glam real quick.

7. Smooth Like Velvet


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Bold colours in velvet form make a comeback from the ’90s. Overline your lips a little higher to arch the centre to perfect that picture-ready pout. Maddy made sure this trend was one to try. Soft as a feather, the velvet formula also adds nourishment to your lips as various velvet lippies double up as blush and more.

8. Lip Art?

Why should your nails have all the fun? It’s about time we popularise lip art as well. It’s been a fad for a while, but wearing blue lip art was pretty hard to spot. With Euphoria colouring all our senses, (who are we kidding, we love it!), lip art seems to be making a show at the forefront. Doodles, letters, or anything artistic, lip art will be a rager in 2022.

9. Make Your Own Lipstick, Why Don’t You?


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Customisation isn’t just a privilege for skincare lovers – customised makeup is huge as well. With lipsticks, you can build the perfect lip shade for you – one that complements your skin’s undertone and pops on your complexion even without a liner. All you need to do is pick the correct pigments, and your perfect lippie will be at your doorstep!

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