LIVA X ELLE: Gul Panag & Pooja Dhingra Weigh In On Being #ThoughtfullyFashionable & Confident


In a thoughtful initiative with LIVA, we recently launched a series of panel discussions tapping into the various facets of fashion relevant to the world today. Professionals from different walks of life shared their inputs on subjects like sustainability, self-confidence and comfort over style. Here are the highlights from the second conversation and the takeaways you need to note down.

Thoughtfully Fashionable: How To Make The Right Fashion Choices

“I think the first part about being confident is that you have to be comfortable in your own skin and also, in what you are wearing. One of the things that makes me feel very confident and comfortable is when I am wearing something that breathes,” shared Gul Panag in her opening statement. The actor has played an instrumental role in bringing sustainability and ethical choices to the forefront of fashion. While on the other hand, baking queen and CEO of Le15 Patisserie, Pooja Dhingra, said that she’s been trying to build a wardrobe that is rather small and would fit entirely in a suitcase. “I am trying to make more local, homegrown fashion choices now. It is all about limiting what you get,” she shared. Starting an ethical journey in fashion begins with small steps. And if you’re on the lookout to kick start your journey of conscious living, then here’s your cue.

In an effort to start a consistent conversation around the subject of sustainable fashion, this is a part of a series of panel discussions hosted by ELLE India in association with LIVA. To watch more, stay tuned to our social media pages, and also check out the Thoughtfully Fashionable tab for advice on making informed and sustainable fashion choices.

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