Quirky And Slay: How Loewe Is Making High Fashion Space Unserious For The Better

Another day, another J.W Anderson design becomes the hot topic on the internet. This time we don’t have Zendaya or Taylor Russell donning a Loewe piece by the designer but instead, we have a tomato which has grabbed all the attention, not for a salad or toast topping though. It all started when a X (previously Twitter) user posted an heirloom tomato joking how it looked straight out of a Loewe campaign. Little did he know that he predicted the future ‘IT’ bag (somebody call the Simpsons’ writer because they surely missed this) of the season.

The tomato meme quickly went viral on Instagram catching JW Anderson, the brand’s creative director’s attention. He later posted the tweet and the interaction surrounding the tomato on his personal Instagram account, grabbing more eyeballs. But what surprised everyone was that Anderson decided to capitalise on the buzz to create a truly wearable art piece.

Yesterday, he posted a short clip of a tomato-inspired clutch on Instagram, captioning it “🍅Loewe🍅 meme to reality.” The newest tomato Loewe bag appears to be made of red leather and shaped like an heirloom tomato, complete with curves and edges. The handle has gold accents and features the house logo on the top to mark the opening of the bag, which is lined inside.

Looking at JW Anderson’s more than a decade old legacy at this Spanish maison, he has made a special place in every fashion lover’s heart. His avant garde-ish approach is something that sets him apart from this logomania, old money luxury sea. Making Loewe is now one of the most desirable brands in the market. Anderson’s tenure as creative director has a fusion of innovative designs with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in such collections that push high fashion boundaries and redefine the market.

JW Anderson has carved out a gamut of distinctive aesthetics that runs from surrealist silhouettes made from anthurium flowers to real grass. Scroll down as we highlight some of Loewe’s recent viral moments from recent drops that prove how Anderson is always one step ahead of the game.

Tennis Ball

Zendaya’s Challengers press looks were a total serve off the tennis court. As her stylist and friend Law Roach promised “tennis but make it FASHION”, she was lensed nailing various looks for the promos. But these green tennis balls heels from the maison were a clear winner.

‘I Told Ya’ T-shirts

One of the most minimal designs from the lot, this slogan t-shirt inspired by Challengers made statement t-shirts cool again. Recently we saw the Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence sporting one while running errands in the city. And not to forget brand ambassador Josh O’Connor, who made this his uniform at all the press meets in these bespoke shirts.

The Loewe Shoe Rack

Over the years, Loewe’s shoe collection has been the one to watch out for at the fashion weeks. If you think the tennis heels are it, you might be wrong. Take a look back at the Spanish label and it has given some of the most quirky heel designs like downward crepe roses to broken yolk (yes a broken egg). From Beyoncé to Emma Chamberlain, you can find a long list of celebs styling them as well.

2024 MET Gala

This year’s MET Gala best dressed list featured an array of A listers dressed in head to toe in the brand, from Ariana Grande, Taylor Russell, Mike Faist to Greta Lee.

Carrie’s Pigeon Clutch

Special mention to this 3D printed clutch, that went TikTok viral last year as seen carried by Carrie in the SATC reboot. The $890 clutch quickly got sold out on the brand’s website.

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