Lok Sabha Elections 2024: 5 Things To Keep In Mind As A First Time Voter

Lok Sabha Elections

The electioneering backrooms are abuzz with the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, starting today on the 19th of April. Stakes are high, divisive conversations aplenty. As we’re still reeling from the aftereffects of the pandemic and various geo-political conflicts leading to a dent in the global economy and allyship worldwide, it’s time for democracy to do its thing.

For a major chunk of this country’s population, these 2024 Lok Sabha Elections are set to be the very first time they cast a vote. Almost 2 crores of them, me included. Plagued by misinformation, sheer ignorance and a demoted ability to somewhat formulate an unbiased opinion from scratch (cue the polarising and scripted debates on TV), the younger lot needs to take charge, this time.

Lok Sabha Elections
Women voting in general elections, Calcutta, India, 1962. (Photo by Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

There are 5 pointers you can keep in mind, to make the process seamless and make most of it. Keep reading for more:

1. Eligibility Check

Everyone who is older than eighteen is allowed to vote for the Lok Sabha Elections. The voter list, sometimes referred to as the electoral roll, must contain the individual’s name. Thereby, verify your name on the voter list beforehand. Click here to verify. Indian citizens, regular poll workers, and voters above the age of eighteen are all entitled to vote.

2. Familiarise Yourself With Provisions For Older Folks

By completing Form 12D, certain groups, including COVID-19-impacted individuals, older citizens, people with disabilities, and those working in critical services, can make use of the postal ballot option, this Lok Sabha Elections.

Lok Sabha Elections
Women voting in general elections, Calcutta, India, February 16th 1962. (Photo by Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

3. Form Sound And Unbiased Opinions

A big ask, to be honest. We all consume information, albeit only bite-sized now, all thanks to the social media revolution. *laughs at miserable fact-checking tools employed by tech giants*

Personally, I find neutrality to be a thing of the past. News corporations can now be seen blatantly taking sides and are undoubtedly responsible for hate-mongering and fanning the flames of hatred. Gone are the days when one would turn to the television for good-old live reporting; the prime time slots are just screeching debates lacking an iota of reformation-laced motivations.

Case in point: Expand your worldview by reading extensively. Refer to a lot of resources, numerous viewpoints are always welcome. You’re here to break the cycle. Don’t cast a vote for a specific party just because your parents have been doing that for ages. Or your friends for that matter. Peer pressure here is a real thing and you ought to be equipped to battle the same, in this Lok Sabha Elections.

Lok Sabha Elections
Villagers cast their vote at a polling center in the middle of sugar cane fields in the rural Baghpat district in Uttar Pradesh, India, on January 06, 1980. (Photo by Sondeep Shankar/Getty Images)

4. Essentials To Carry

Identity proof is a must. Things like the Aadhar card, PAN Card, driving licence, passport, Voter ID, bank/post office passbook with a photo and a pension document with a photograph should suffice. Seemingly unrelated but I strongly feel you should carry a bottle of water and tissues because summers are in full swing and a queue at the polling stations for the Lok Sabha Elections is to be expected. Stay hydrated, you guys.

5. The Process

Let’s break it down for you. The on-site process for the Lok Sabha Elections is pretty simple. Find the closest polling place. Note: Using electronic devices inside the polling booth is forbidden. Proceed to show your identity proof, as and when required.

You will be handed an acknowledgement slip, sign in the register, and have permanent ink applied to your finger. Head to the voting booth et voilà, your duty to the nation is done. Well, there’s a lot more but this could be a great start.

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