Looking Back at Zoya’s Magnificent Design Journey With Gauri Khan

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Gauri Khan and Business Head, Amanpreet Ahluwalia with models at a Zoya Design Celebration

Gauri Khan stands as a beacon in the world of luxury and personal style. Her longstanding friendship with Zoya, the jewellery maison from the House of Tata, underscores the synergy in their stylistic grammar. Over the last 15 years, this proudly Indian atelier has emerged as a leader in luxury jewellery, with a design lexicon that is contemporary, rich in meaningful storytelling and celebrates the essence of womanhood. In a world where every piece of jewellery tells a story, Zoya’s narrative speaks volumes, capturing the essence of the modern Indian woman—confident, fearless, and unapologetically herself. Elle meets the celebrated designer at a recent showcase by the atelier for a freewheeling chat on her style, jewellery and longstanding relationship with the brand.

Gauri Khan Wears Zoya and Custom Shantnu&Nikhil

ELLE: You are known for your selective associations, what makes the atelier so special?

Gauri Khan: Zoya and I go back a long way. I love that every piece in Zoya celebrates who you are and your journey. It makes the jewellery meaningful. And Zoya sets the bar for luxury jewellery – from the kind of stones they use to the crafting. It is exquisite, making every piece like wearable art.

ELLE: Your personal style has been long-applauded by fashion watchers. What is your style mantra?

Gauri Khan: My style is classic. In my teenage years, I’d experiment with fashion, but for the longest time now, it’s been comfort over style!

ELLE: Are accessories important to you?

Gauri Khan: Of course! Accessories, especially jewellery, will elevate any outfit.

Zoya’s ‘A Radiant Revelation’ Necklace, Collection – Her Becoming

ELLE: What are you wearing today?

Gauri Khan: I’m wearing a high jewellery necklace from Zoya’s Ikat-inspired collection, ‘Her Becoming’ with rare stone cuts that create a very fresh look for diamond jewellery. The piece I’m wearing is called ‘A Radiant Revelation’. It’s beautifully crafted with fabric-like fluidity, which is not an easy task when you’re setting 738 diamonds and 132 square-cut rubies which are all very delicate! My gown is by Shantnu and Nikhil.

ELLE: Are you fond of big pieces or layering delicate jewellery?

Gauri Khan: Depends on the occasion. For formal events, it would be statement pieces like the one I’m wearing today. More casual looks can be styled with light jewellery that allows for layering, like Zoya’s My Embrace collection.

Zoya’s Ray of Light Necklace, Collection – Rooted

ELLE: Common myth around jewellery?

Gauri Khan: That fine jewellery is only for special occasions! Jewellery should be worn often and enjoyed.

ELLE: What are some of your favourite collections from Zoya?

Gauri Khan: Rooted is a very vibrant and spirited collection, with the motif of rainforests symbolizing the inner strength and spirit of the Zoya Woman. And Beyond finds inspiration in the flow of the mighty Indus, as a metaphor for a woman’s journey. They are stunning collections, an eternal testament to Zoya’s enduring artistry and elegance over the years.

Explore Zoya’s collections: www.zoya.in

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