Discovering The Sun Soaked Spa Hotel Lou Pinet In Saint Tropez

Lou pinet

From exploring the French Riviera by yacht or foot to sipping cocktails alongside spectacular sunsets, Saint-Tropez remains an iconic vacation destination. Amid the turquoise waters and terracotta rooftops lies Lou Pinet in all its sun-soaked glory. Having undergone a complete transformation under Maisons Pariente, this Saint-Tropez spa hotel is a home away from home that exemplifies a Tropezian way of life.

“We created the hotel with the idea of it being a big family home,” says Leslie Kouhana, Founder and President of Maisons Pariente. “I have spent so many summers in Saint-Tropez as a child and wanted to capture its essence from back in the days—convivial, friendly, and simple. It was important for us to bring back the strong code of Saint-Tropez—the terracotta floor, linen, cordage, and rattan. With the idea of authenticity, always.”

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With her team, Kouhana modernized the space while leaving its vintage ’60s spirit untouched. “We decided to work with different talents on this project,” she says. “Charles Zana, the interior decorator, is from the Mediterranean region and loves Saint-Tropez. François Vieillecroze is a local architect who understands the architecture there. Jean Mus, the landscaper, specializes in garden design in the South of France. We’ve also worked with artists such as Alexander Benjamin Navet, who did a beautiful Fresca on the restaurant wall, and Armelle Benoit, who worked on a five-meter-long ceramic mural. But our day-to-day team is what makes it special with their generosity and passion,” she says.

Exuding warmth and understated luxury, the charming hotel surrounds lush gardens and a glimmering pool. With only 34 rooms, each with an old-school key to access it, and with everything from the music to the quality of the mattress and linen, the attention to detail is immaculate. “Everything has been chosen by me, my father, or my sister Kimberley,” Kouhana states. “We work as a family and think our hotels are for families. We are not just investors, we do everything with the intention to please our customers. It is our priority.” Each room is designed to welcome you with its homely atmosphere. A joyful mix of materials and textures, the golden light gives it a soft and uplifting touch

Lou Pinet Environmental Montgomery Sheridan

With large benches and lamps that pay homage to the ’60s and ’70s, the space is punctuated with over 30 bespoke furniture pieces created by Charles Zana for the hotel. “The attention to detail, and the generosity in the global approach, like in a private home, makes Lou Pinet special.” While the rooms make you feel comfortably at home, Beefbar is an elegant spot for socialising and tucking into delicacies that combine simplicity, excellence, and modernity. Known for its exquisite cuts of meats, it not only caters to meat lovers but also has outstanding vegetarian and vegan options. “Beefbar is a concept created in Monaco by Riccardo Giraudi and has the best meat I have ever tasted,” confesses Kouhana. “It is the quality of the meat as well as the way it is cooked.” Ask for food recommendations as an insider, and she adds, “I would suggest sharing the starters—the Iconic Pizza, Kobe Beef Prosciutto, Passion Fruit Tiradito, Bako Bun, and the corn. For the main course, the Pepper Beef Wok is great if you like spicy food or opt for the Tonkatsu Milanese.”

Lou Pinet Environmental Montgomery Sheridan

If you are looking for delicious local delights, the restaurant also adapts its menu to the location to serve fresh fish and refreshing salads. If a serene switch-off is what you’re after, turn to the luxurious Tata Harper Spa. “It is important for me to propose to my guests the things I love and believe in,” says Kouhana. “Tata Harper is one of my favorite cosmetic brands. All the ingredients are organically grown on Tata’s farm in Vermont, and all the active ingredients make the skin so much better.” The Lou Pinet Signature Facial is their hero offering. “It is a renewing treatment that caters to your skin’s needs with the focal point being the facial massage technique that nourishes and lifts.” Lou Pinet offers the perfect setting for a laidback but sophisticated getaway in Saint-Tropez. “You can wake up in the morning, get a generous breakfast at our buffet, or go into town to the port at Senequier. Stop at the local market on Place des Lices and head to the beach for the day. Come back to the hotel, swim at the pool, shower, and go out for a festive dinner,” says Kouhana. “Lou Pinet is all about choosing your moment—this is what luxury is, I believe. Simple yet elegant. Never too much.”

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