Bejeweled Army: Louis Vuitton’s Latest Jewellery Collection

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Besides its monogram print, Louis Vuitton has garnered massive attention with its mascot, Vivienne. The delicate figurine—featuring a flower for a face, luggage tags as arms, tiny legs and a patch over her eye in the shape of LV’s iconic motif—only arrived at the French House in 2018. Little did we know what was initially launched as a decorative object would prove to adapt to any environment, occasion or style. From bags to jewellery, Vivienne has made an appearance across various seasons in the brand’s accessories category. Her family has expanded to include 11 unprecedented jewellery creations in Louis Vuitton’s limited-edition Vivienne Travellers collection. Presented as both necklace pendants and standalone display ornaments, the colourful pendants encrusted with exquisite jewels can also be converted into a brooch. They exude a sense of elegance and playfulness whilst paying homage to the cultures dear to the house.

The Many Avatars Of Vivienne

Whether you’re attending an evening gala or heading to a fine dining experience, be rest assured you’ll make a statement with the pieces from this collection. Searching for that perfect ornament for a romantic evening with your beau? Vivienne Plum has got you covered. It is adorned with pink-gold plum blossoms, diamonds and red lacquer, and a dainty bow as a finishing touch. If animal motifs and elements are something you fancy, the Vivienne Panda hits the brief. The furry black and white animal who loves fresh bamboo transforms into an endearing design with white and yellow gold, diamonds, onyx and lacquer symbolising luck, peace and friendship. Vivienne Hanbok, drawing from the traditional South Korean outfit, is carved and polished in pink and white precious stones. The opulent piece makes for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Feel as powerful and brave as a Japanese samurai with Vivienne Samurai. Dressed in yellow and white gold, diamonds, and red and black lacquer, the pendant skillfully wields a Katana, the emblematic sword of the respected warriors—consider this to be your confidence booster.

Jet, Set, Go!

Heading to the Maldives for a beach vacation? Believe us when we say that Vivienne Surfer will be your ideal travel companion. Bejeweled with blue lacquer and a long surfing board adorned with the signature LV Monogram, you’re bound to make heads turn as the pendant gleams in the sun while you wear it on beach and sip on your mimosa. Making her return in a new avatar, Vivienne Casino features white and yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and lacquer. Bedecked in hearts, spades, diamond shapes, LV initials and an engraved deck of playing cards in hand, she is a champion of blackjack, poker and roulette—your good luck charm to emerge as the winner of the night, indeed!

Suitable for both day and night, the colourful Vivienne Rainbow has an exquisite pavé gradation of 154 multicoloured gems—a sure-shot way of being the centre of attraction at an evening soirée. Own the room as you walk with your head held high, wearing Vivienne Royal. Featuring a crown encrusted with yellow gold and diamonds, and dressed in a blue lacquer robe punctuated with fleur-de-lys (a stylized lily composed of three petals bound together near their bases, known from the former royal arms of France), the regal piece demands attention. What’s more? It holds significance as it pays homage to Paris’ Place Vendôme, the global epicentre of jewellery and home to one of the most majestic Louis Vuitton stores.

Back To The Original

The next two pendants pay tribute to the Maison’s iconic travel bags. Vivacious Vivienne Petite Malle features yellow and pink gold, diamonds and lacquer along with a miniature handbag that borrows inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s original trunks; whereas Vivienne Monogram has petals of mother-of-pearls framed on her face, Monogram canvas motifs on her eye of sculpted wood, and shimmering pink and gold diamonds on her body. This piece elegantly evokes the century-old trunk-making heritage. An ode to Mr. Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday, Vivienne Celebration welcomes the festive and celebratory atmosphere. Combining a mix of materials with traditional jewellery-making expertise, the charm is bedazzled in white and yellow gold, set with 36 coloured stones and 124 diamonds.

Lastly, let’s not forget the icing on the cake—a unique jewellery box exclusively designed in the shape of Louis Vuitton’s trunk, which completes the collection and serves as the humble abode of the precious mascots. Opening like a treasure chest, it reveals an array of miniature stages, drawers, trays and mirrors for the pendants to assemble on. A timeless accessory set, the Vivienne Travellers collection is the quintessential adornment for you and your dressing room wherever you go.

Photograph: Piotr Stoklosa

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