Love, Career & Family: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For 2023


Wrap up 2022 by looking forward. Expect lots of changes, big shifts and complete makeovers. All your experiences and wisdom are going to be needed. So when you look back, do so constructively. We are walking into 2023 with everything we need to make it all that we want. And yet, there will be some of us who will continue to live in the energy of lack. If this is you, change now. Use this last week to tune into abundance as the energies in 2023 will only be drawn to those who know how to be happy at the moment and who make the most of any situation they find themselves in. It’s a big ask. Rise up to it. Ahead, we give you the zodiac reading for the coming  year.

Capricorn: December 22–January 20

A year of safety and security. You have evolved into a version that is more than “enough” and you can be rest assured that you are loved, needed and wanted by all. 2023 will be about family and friends; about you and your core circle. Partnerships must be used effectively. You’ll forge those connections for a reason if you haven’t already, make use of them to tap into abundance. Money will come from something new – a venture or an investment or a new job. You’re poised for success this coming year. But is it success in your career or in love that you seek? The boldest voice will be heard by the Universe. Remember to be fair when assessing yourself, others and life. Bad moments are not indicative of a bad life.

Wrap it up: Drop the guilt and shame. Accept who you have become.

Aquarius: January 21–February 18

You know exactly what you should do. But are you acting in accordance or is your own sense of “I can’t let anyone down” holding you back? 2023 is about being true to your gut and doing exactly as you know you should irrespective of anybody’s reactions or responses. Finances will be stable this year. Life (professional and personal) will flow at a beautiful pace. However, if you want growth, then defining your purpose is most important. Be clear about your reasons – why do you want what you want? Abundance and that big life you want to live require you to take the chances you’ve known all along. Irrespective of whether you take that leap of faith or not, life in 2023 will be peaceful as the chaos of the past few years fade away. A sense of belonging will be experienced.

Wrap it up: Stop with the planning and seek guarantees. Work on improvising and adapting.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

2023 is your year of alignment. The stars are moving into position and fate is taking charge. Life will be as beautiful as you want it to be. The ‘meant to be’ mode will be turned on. Be conscious about the choices you make as you will feel the impact almost immediately. The family will be a big theme this year as children will be in focus. Those with kids will have to think about the kind of parent they are and the kind they want to be. The mother-father dynamic will have to be realigned. For others, this is a good year to start a family. As for finances, there will be many opportunities to grow. However, be careful not to miss the window thanks to over-analysing. You need to move fast and make things happen. 2023 will feel like a brand new life, so make the most of this clean slate.

Wrap it up: Stop looking at what’s no longer there. Build on everything you already have.

Aries: March 21-April 20


2023 will not give you much room to plan. You will have to improvise as life puts down various pieces in it’s appropriate places. Think fast on your feet–this will be the skill you will need the most. Don’t bother making elaborate plans because life intends to place many detours in your path. For some, money will flow at a stable pace and for some it’ll come in spurts. Think about your main source of income and accept market realities now for you need to know in advance when to run, walk or then crawl towards your pot of gold. Your financial growth will be directly proportionate to your willingness to do what is required. Another reminder for the new year–ask for help. There are things you cannot accomplish with the guidance and assistance of others. So use your network efficiently.

Wrap it up: Stop living in your head. When you have an idea, act on it immediately.

Taurus: April 21–May 21


2023 is going to be full of giving and receiving abundance. Lots of gifts in the way of opportunities, money, love and laughter will come your way. Remember to be generous with your time, energy and love as well. The more you give, the more you will get. Find a way to be at peace with yourself first, then with the people in your life, and lastly with life itself. The conflicts you have faced and the struggles in your head–you need to give yourself room to breathe freely. Let 2023 not be another repeat performance driven by anger and misguided resentments. Money will come and money will go. Your savings will not increase and your investments will pretty much be stable and stagnant. However, realign how you think of and treat money, and you might be able to create an upward spiral of growth.

Wrap it up: Stop arguing about everything. Proving your point only feeds your ego.

Gemini: May 22–June 21


Continue doing what you have been doing recently as you leap into 2023. It may feel like the year is slow to start, but there’s a good chance the energies of the new year are already swirling in your favour. Your hard work will pay off as finances will stabilise and you’ll experience a steady flow of growth and abundance. But the year is going to make you work for it. Your earnings be it money or love will be directly proportionate to the effort you make. There’s a big move as some will shift base to a new city or country permanently. For others, this big shift could mean a triple promotion or a baby or a marriage depending on the current life phase you are in. But these are just examples, the essence is tremendous growth and massive life change. Leave the past behind. Don’t even look that way.

Wrap it up: Stop thinking. Do what you clearly know you need to do.

Cancer: June 22–July 22


Life is and will continue to be exactly as is meant to be. Expect magical coincidences. Think about it and life will place signs in your path directing you in that exact direction. This also means being very conscious of what you are thinking and wishing for. Romance, love, loyalty–these will be at their peak this year. Those who are single, take a chance already! Those in long-term relationships, expect to feel loved up all through 2023. It’s also a good year to start a family. As for finances, money tied to lineage and legacy will flow your way. Some will receive an inheritance or a gift from a parent in 2023. But be careful about what you are choosing to invest in. Do not fall for promises and guarantees. Align all investments to a goal or purposes. What is this investment supposed to do for me? Let this be your guiding light.

Wrap it up: Count your blessings and soak in the abundance you’ve experienced this far.

Leo: July 23–August 23


You have all the information you need. Stop seeking answers. In 2023 you need to put your knowledge and wisdom to use. It’s a year of growth and prosperity. It’s a fabulous year to start a new venture or even plan a family on the personal front. Those who are expecting a baby in the new year, know that the little one’s energy will transform your financial space for the better. 2023 is a year of new beginnings and regeneration which means the faith you lost shall be restored. Smile! Happy times lie ahead. When you find yourself being given the same opportunity that you missed again, take it and this time be willing to do whatever it takes. Life will give you a second chance you’ve been praying for, but you must break free of the unhealthy beliefs that held you back last time.

Wrap it up: Take responsibility for your way of thinking. Your reality is a result of your choices.

Virgo: August 24–September 22


Keep moving forward as decided. Your plans will work out. However, you will have to improvise along the way. Be willing to tweak your notions and take the turns you need to. All roads lead to your goal. However, you want to choose the one that’ll result in the best return on your time and energy you’ve invested and that may not necessarily be the fastest route. In 2023, walk away from what no longer serves you any purpose. Be quick to cut losses and move on. Dwelling on what happened and why is not a good idea. Your financial space will experience a renewal of sorts as the flow of abundance will be all new. Remember that your growth is a team effort. Ask for help, delegate and allow people to do what they have offered to do.

Wrap it up: Open up to victory, prosperity and let the good times roll.

Libra: September 23–October 23


A bountiful year of giving and receiving. So much to be gained as you offer your energies generously. Make your wishes for they will all come true. This is a year of taking many leaps of faith. So all those big dreams you’ve been hesitating about, this is the year; now is the time. Be it in love or at work, boldly embrace the risks. The Universe has thrown open that safety net and success is a given. Many of you have already started thinking or moving in the right direction. Know that you are on the right path. Your financial health will shift gears and all that you’ve hoped for will become your reality. Love and relationships will become stronger and commitments will be made. Those who are single, be clear about what you want and put yourself out there. You will attract your desire.

Wrap it up: Think constructively only. Make concrete plans and act now.

Scorpio: October 24–November 22


Your year of love, romance and commitment await. Those who’ve met their special someone in 2022, know that you’ve chosen well. Those who are still seeking love, drop your ifs and buts. Open the door fearlessly and you’ll meet your life partner at the threshold where love wipes away your apprehensions. Financial health will align and the flow of income will stabilise. Some will experience tremendous growth and must focus on sustaining the energy. Fate is working tirelessly in your favour, but you too need to be bold now. 2023 is a new life. What you went through no longer matters. What you will create from here on is all that counts. Focus on living every dream you have in the present moment. Dream big and choose to live big right now.

Wrap it up: Stop waiting, and procrastinating. Make it happen now.

Sagittarius: November 23–December 21


2023 will be about healing. Mend your ways, resolve conflict and allow those broken relationships to reconnect and heal. Life in the new year will be about revival. Seek help because you cannot walk through what lies ahead alone. Use your resources well. Tap into your network and connections. The moment you identify who can help you, you will receive the message you have been waiting for. The phone will ring, literally. This is also a year when you must keep all senses open to see, hear and feel the signs. The Universe is talking to you, guiding you every step of the way. Pay attention. Listen and act in accordance. The other thing you need to stop doing is running non-stop and aimlessly. Pencil in breaks, watch and restore your sleep patterns, and practice the pause to avoid intense health issues.

Wrap it up: Stop resisting and trust life to do what’s good for you.

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