Love Horoscope: Here’s Your Zodiac Reading For 2022


This week’s guidance goes beyond these seven days. It’s guidance for your love life for 2022. Written in the cards here’s the list of dos and dont’s the Universe wants us to follow this year:

– Stop living between what was and what will be; what could have been and what would be. Stay present, live in the present.
– Be fair. Don’t judge someone based on your inner drama and insecurities. Work on yourself and stop trying to fix others.
– Heartbreaks and disappointments are a part and parcel of life. But remember to make different choices each time you step out into the dating world or when faced with a similar situation in your current relationship.
– This year is full of potential; new stories can be written; old ones can evolve into new chapters.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

The year may have started out on a rough note for some relationships. But rest assured as the seasons change a phase will begin, one that is aligned to both your natures as well as desires. For the single ones, leave those heartbreaks in the past where they belong. Look ahead and don’t mistake this restless period as a sign of you being left alone by the Universe. You are loved and are being watched over. Use this time to heal and work on yourself. The second half of the year promises a new life and a complete change of scenery in your love life.

2022 is an adventure. Be curious and willing to discover more about yourself, your date or then, your partner.

Aquarius: January 21 – February 18

What do you want to experience? And what are you doing about it? The Universe will respond to your actions and not just the empty words of an overthinking mind. Observe yourself this year and change the direction of your thoughts. You cannot attract or experience love when you are filled with fear. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, work on your insecurities. It may also show you some faulty beliefs that need to go.

2022 is about personal growth. Be open to transforming, evolving; as your relationship with yourself changes, the way you experience love will too.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

The grass will be the greenest under your feet this year. All the struggles are over and done with. Your ability to love as well as your fate to be loved has blossomed once again. Enjoy where you are in your life, revel in all the magic that surrounds you. If you are in a relationship, just be. Don’t try to nudge it forward into the next phase. If you are married, this is how you spell ‘content’. For those who are single, your happiness is contagious and the most powerful magnet you possess. Love will be drawn to you if you just be.

2022 will be filled with good news when it comes to your love life and sweet messages will flow. This year communication will be key, be it with your partner, with yourself or the Universe.

Aries: March 21 – April 20

Take it slow. Yes, we are talking about your love life here. SIngle Arians need to wash away that desperate energy they are oozing off. Take a step back and let life flow a bit. After every date, just go to bed with a good feeling instead of roaring to make it happen faster. Those in a relationship, what is it? Rein in that restless energy and go lie in the sun with your partner. Let your relationship (whether a marriage or not) take a life of its own. Respond to love instead of dictating terms and conditions.

2022 will feel like nothing new is going to happen in your love life. But that’s an illusion for your intuition is working nights to chart out the path that leads to your destiny.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

Flow towards your desires without looking back at what you have left behind. Read that again! Memorise it and practice it every single day. Taurians dealing with heartbreaks especially those that happened a long time ago; you need to give yourself closure now or even better as of yesterday! Those in relationships still pulling out stuff that was said or done years ago, need to stop; like with immediate effect. Let the past go. Stop hoarding and holding on to ugly or sad memories. Move on and tune into love once again.

2022 is a year of creation and coming into life. You can manifest your love life exactly as you envision it. But first, you have to stop looking back.

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

The year will be full of loving blessings. New love stories will begin, existing ones will take a new shape and lovers who have been partners for a long time will head off on new adventures. The one thing you have to learn though is to walk away from things and people who don’t serve you any purpose. Instead of justifying bad behaviour on the third date itself because you felt ‘a connection’, say goodbye and move on to the next. Identify which fights are ones you should put to rest quickly and in which ones you and your partner need to put a deadline on to call a truce.

2022 will move at a wonderful pace and you need to make sure you use time well.

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

Some need to run for the finish line and some need to pace themselves as there’s a distance and a half to still cover. Which category are you in? It’s about how fast you want to go but rather the pace you “need” to be moving at. Love is a feeling. How then are you deciding what is best for you based on your thoughts? Feel your way through your relationship and even your dates this year. Think about what you are feeling and let your heart be your navigator. Another thing to be careful about and work upon is your sensitivity. Stop taking things personally all the time. Everything is not a judgement on you.

2022 may have started slow, but it will soon pick up momentum. Be clued in and pick up the pace as and when your heart guides you.

Leo: July 23 – August 23

The seas will be calm and the winds, as well as tides, will guide you in the right direction. All you need to do is trust your experiences and put in the work you need to. Yes, relationships are hard work. They need you to make an effort in every phase. Just as when you get promoted at work you give your job more time and attention, so also when you go from dating to commitment and commitment to marriage, it’s a promotion and you need to step up.

2022 will be the year you will learn just how much of your time, energy and effort a relationship needs whether you are single or in a long term equation.

Virgo: August 24 – September 22

Have you watched that film Serendipity? Many moments this year will feel like it’s straight out of that movie. Your love life will flow into a “meant to be” zone. Single Virgos will find themselves at the right place, right time even if it’s a date on a dating app. Those in committed relationships will realise just what ‘tuned into abundance’ can feel like. Some will find love and someone who wants to commit; some will set that wedding date and even tie the knot this year itself; while some will receive ten times the love and affection they give in their relationship.

2022 is about indulgence. Virgos need to stop chasing perfection or trying to make it better and instead enjoy themselves fully.

Libra: September 23 – October 23

It’s time for that treasure chest full of magic hidden within you to be opened. In fact, for many it already has. Love and new beginnings are yours for the taking. For those looking for love, treat every connection and date as an adventure. Let things flow the way they need to without you trying to interfere or ‘make it happen’. Those in love and a committed relationship, plan that wedding, that baby if that’s your current phase. It’s time to watch your love grow; it’s time to discover and experience all that love has to offer.

2022 will be magical and exciting in every way. What are you going to pull out from the treasure chest of love bestowed upon you this year?

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22

Be flexible in your thoughts and let your beliefs evolve. Be willing to forgive, to resolve issues and to mend equations. Be open to giving more than just second chances. You cannot protect yourself from heartache or disappointment by locking yourself in or keeping people out. Love needs you to soften up, laugh more and be more accepting of people’s quirks. Allow love to show you how loveable you and others can be despite their silliness.

2022 will call on you to be your bold self. Whether single or in love, know that you are fully capable of creating and experiencing a magical love.

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Do not be disheartened; heartbreak ahead! Some are still reeling from a bad break up that happened in 2021, some are headed towards the end of a journey in 2022. But both will experience life and love once again this year; a new beginning is coming into being for you too. Some may also be struggling with long-standing issues in their relationship. This is the year to hold on to your faith and push for resolutions, healing, change. Nobody is leaving anyone and going if that’s your fear. The life you have built together will withstand this test, but change is inevitable and it’s best both you and your partner accept and transform.

2022 may be a tough year when it comes to love; but you will realise you are tougher, smarter and emotionally way more mature than you give yourself credit for.

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