Masaba makes her grand debut into the beauty and wellness world with ‘LOVECHILD’


‘I am gonna be the king’ she said in her latest season of Masaba Masaba, and from the looks of her new launch, she is definitely out for the throne. From ruling the fashion scene, impressing with her business collaborations, acing the acting game, Masaba now enters the beauty and wellness space with her brand LOVECHILD. This new venture matches the core of new-age beauty which converges with skincare and wellness as a lifestyle rather than just a trend. With self-love at the heart of its conception, these playful and embracive range of cosmo-wellness products are the best ‘skin-vestments’ to have today.

Celebrating the Queen in You…

More than just products, the brand offers hearty experiences in quirky packages for your skin (hold on, we’ll get to the packaging part in a bit). From nail paints, liquid & bullet lipsticks to anti-anxiety oil, face mists, and intimate wipes, these products were formulated thoughtfully and responsibly with efficacious global ingredients. Elements of caffeine, plant-based squalene, niacinamide, and many beauty oils are some of the super-ingredients in these products, which are amazing to have in your make-up and skin-care routine, especially in the long-run.  They are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free which works wonders for your skin from within and are just perfect for the Queen in you.

The brand speaks to women of all ages, skin colors, and personalities, empowering them to express and manifest their own definition of beauty. LoveChild is off to a promising start by considering the commonly overlooked issues in India when it comes to intimate care, acne /sensitive skin care, durability & high-quality make-up products which should be easily available and affordable to all. This new launch checks all these boxes and more…. Look at the packaging, it’s a knock-out! The solitaire, Jenga, board games, and those good old orange candies bring back the fun memories, right? The Hinglish font and catchy names are definitely FTW, we can already see the millennials raging over the new LoveChild products.

The Destiny of LoveChild…

LoveChild is evidently the outcome of Masaba’s personal journey, her struggles, and experiences with her physical, mental, and overall well-being. Something we all can relate to as we navigate through our emotions of self-doubt, anxiety, and insecurity about external appearances. But beauty is more of how you feel from within than how you look, so naturally, self-care is the key. The brand intends to light a spark within women to delve into their exquisite uniqueness and express love when they look into the mirror and see their very own version of beauty.

Speaking about her journey in building the brand, Masaba said, “LoveChild as a term has been weaved into my destiny ever since I was born; and now it’s time to weave that destiny into a brand. For many years I’ve looked at this term negatively so I thought it was time to make it positive with a brand that would resonate with individuals who have been labeled all their lives too.”

Set out on your own glam and wellness journey with Masaba’s LoveChild and let the inner Queen out and shine…

LoveChild is now available online at and Nykaa. You can also shop for it in the House of Masaba stores across India.

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